What Is The Car Insurance Policy Number?

What Is The Car Insurance Policy Number?
What Is The Car Insurance Policy Number?

A car insurance number is more like a unique customer service number that is used by an insurance company to identify a customer’s account. This number is clearly indicated on your insurance card. It will always appear on the statements and bills that your insurer will send to you regularly. You will need this number whenever you need to contact your insurer, especially in situations where you have been pulled over by police, during accidents, etc. 

Where Do You Locate Your Car Insurance Policy Number?

Your car insurance policy number is found on your insurance card. To find it, look for a number with 8-10 digits mostly just right below your full names. Some cards can have details of all your insured cars if you are using the same company for all or different cars can have their unique insurance policy numbers.

In the case of different insurance policy numbers for different cars or vehicles, it is possible that only the last digit changes while the rest of the digits making up the number remain the same. For instance, one car’s policy number can be 22334455-7 while the other can be 22334455-8 and another 22334455-9.

Indeed most insurance cards for example health insurance cards will have this type of number (insurance policy number) with details of your health insurance policy or health insurance plan. Insurance agents and health care providers will often require these numbers when processing claims. 

Besides the car insurance policy number, there is also another type of number that is worth understanding. This is known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which, as the name suggests, is used to identify your car. A VIN is normally about 16 digits long and is made up of letters and numbers. Your vehicle’s identification number can be found at the area where you find the description of your car’s model and make. 

Which Circumstances Demand That You Provide Your Car Insurance Number?

There are three common situations where you will need your car insurance policy number. These include when you are pulled over by a police officer, when in an accident, and whenever you need to contact your car insurer.  Other occurrences like flood damage can also require the policy number depending on your insurance plan. Healthcare providers are also common users of the policy number.  

Here is a look at accidents, police pull over, and when there is a need to contact your insurance companies a representation of the common circumstances when your car insurance policy number will be required. 

During accidents

If you find yourself in a car accident involving another motorist, you will need to exchange your insurance details with the other driver and one of the key details that will be required is your cars’ insurance policy numbers. Both of you will use each other’s details when filing for claims from the respective insurance companies. 

The police officer manning the accident scene will also need to take down details of the insurance policy number of all vehicles involved, just in case, they might need to file a police report regarding the incident. Even when there are no police in the vicinity by the time of the accident, please make it a habit to call the police. Their reports are considered an objective demonstration of what happened. 

The regulators provide distinct minimum limits across various types of coverages for auto incidents like accidents.  

During pull over by police

Every time a police officer pulls you over on the road, it’s common that they will ask you to provide your car insurance policy number. The police officer will use the number to verify your compliance with existing coverage regulations. 

Remember the driving force behind compliance is safety and many healthcare providers find it easy to deal with a car incident patient whose compliance is up to date. Enforcement keeps you safe, eliminates unnecessary pocket costs, and allows healthcare providers to do their job smoothly.  

When contacting your insurance provider

Whenever you need to contact your insurance company for claims for health care or for some other reason, they will automatically ask for proof of insurance card via your policy number. 

Please note that any insurer whether private insurance companies or public ones can also locate your policy number by making use of official personals details such as your social number. So don’t worry if you happen to lose your card. Your insurance company will rely on other available information to locate your number and replace your card. 

Depending on the type of plan and as we have already seen, health care providers are also prominent users of the insurance policy number. This is needed in instances such as when specialty care is required in case of a crash that will require urgent care as part of health insurance benefits. 

When Do You Need Another Driver’s Car Insurance Policy Number?

The most common scenario where you will need to have details of another driver’s car insurance policy number is during incidents involving your car and another car.  In case of injury, your health insurance benefits will depend on your insurance plan or insurance coverage and this is where your policy number counts.

The typical incidents include accidents and collisions. Regardless of who is on the wrong, it is important that you exchange your cars’ insurance policy numbers because the insurance companies will need them when handling the cases.

Through the car insurance policy number, all other important details will be traced down including the name, address type of insurance, coverage limits, etc.


A car insurance policy number is a fundamental requirement when you want to file insurance claims, especially in the casualty insurance industry. It applies across the board, whether it’s about auto insurance, homeowners insurance,  business insurance, life insurance policy, insurance for veterans,  name it. 

It helps to have all the important information with you whenever you head to the road in your car. You never know when something will happen that requires information like insurance policy number.

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