39 Hobbies For Elderly Individuals – A Useful Guide

Hobbies for elderly

As they become older, many elders discover that they have a lot more time on their hands. Many of them retire or opt to work part-time, and they suddenly find themselves with endless hours to fill. Elderly individuals need to maintain their mental health and physical and social activities.

This will not only keep you from being bored or lonely, but it will also lower your chance of acquiring a wide range of health problems. The solution is to take up a new hobby. To give elderly people some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of our top 39 hobbies.

What are the Health Benefits of Elderly Hobbies?

Elderly hobbies give several health benefits. These might range from socialization to developing motor skills. Learning new skills, on the other hand, might have long-term benefits. “Research revealed that older individuals who engage in physical activity, studied quilting or digital photography had better memory improvement than those who just socialized or performed less cognitively demanding activities,” according to the National Institute on Aging. Here are some of the health advantages of hobbies.

  • Keeps the elder engaged and busy
  • Enhances self-esteem level
  • Encourages social life
  • Enhances motor skills (if a physical exercise)
  • Enhances cognitive skills
  • Ensure reduced risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses
  • Keeps the mind sharp
  • Keeps the mind active
  • Improves sense of achievement
  • Improves quality of life
  • Ensures successful aging
  • Improves social interaction

What Are The Hobbies for Elderly Individuals


It’s more like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box and some missing pieces. This is a popular hobby, particularly among the elderly.
It’s a fascinating hobby that brings the past to life while also educating the current. Seniors have firsthand experiences and insight into the past that the younger generation may not have. Genealogy allows people to learn about their family history, including historical events, relatives, and where the majority of them lived or now live.


Art is a wonderful physical activity that may assist the elderly in developing their creative abilities. Painting, drawing, acting, scrapbooking, photography, sculpting, art and craft, knitting, and sewing are just a few examples elders can engage in. It relieves stress, aids in problem-solving, and increases attention and cognitive health.
Furthermore, it is a social activity that may be done with friends and family. They have the ability to interact with people while also stimulating the spirit and intellect. Art may be a highly satisfying hobby for seniors, especially for retirees.

Art therapy offers health benefits for seniors. You might enroll in an art class to improve your creativity and turn it into a hobby. This would be a fantastic method to keep your mind active while warding off dementia symptoms, which are prevalent among seniors. Art therapy helps persons with dementia recall memories and live fulfilling lives.
Click here to see some of the top art and painting kits for beginners.

Play Checkers, Cards, Board Games, and so forth

Play these classic games to satisfy your competitive side. Play the traditional way by dusting up the old boards, or play against someone from all over the world on the computer.

You may download gaming applications directly to your phone and play them from anywhere. Free games apps include Crossword Puzzle, 3D Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzle, CheckersScrabbleRuzzleUNO and Friends, and iChess.

Teach a Course

If you have a skill or knowledge set that you would want to share with others, consider volunteering to teach a class. Do some study to see if you are qualified to teach; if not, work on meeting the criteria; Yoga, Zumba, cycling, boxing, cooking, sewing, baking, and dancing lessons are just a few examples of classes that have little (if any) prerequisites.


To keep physically healthy, an elderly person will choose less strenuous activities such as golfing, swimming, and dancing. Participating in sports is not only enjoyable, but it also improves energy levels, balance, and flexibility. Water aerobics, which may be done while swimming, is a soothing activity that doesn’t place any risk on the joints. As you learn routines, ballroom dancing enhances your mental alertness while also improving your coordination. Every sport has a unique impact on the human body. Those that are performed as a group have the impact of preventing cognitive decline and loneliness in old age.


Help others while feeling good about yourself. There are several volunteer options available. Consider the day-care facilities, schools, churches, libraries, non-profits, and community centers in your immediate vicinity. Opportunities are frequently posted on the websites of larger charities and organizations.

More volunteer opportunities may be found on this list of resources

Concentrate on Health

As individuals become older, health becomes more important. According to the studies, most adults aged 65 and above spend the majority of their time sitting or lying down. This indicates that such persons are at a greater risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and premature death.
As a result, persons in this age range should try to engage in modest exercises daily. Cardiovascular health issues, dementia, depression, and hypertension are all reduced by physical exercise.

Join Social Media

Social media is much more than just reuniting with old buddies. Use the internet to meet new people with similar interests or to express yourself and allow others to connect. Start your group or join an existing one to receive access to content depending on the information you want. Enter the world of social media and follow your favorite companies, celebrities, sports teams, and so on for hours of fun.

FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle +, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms.

Create a Herb Garden

Do you want to learn how to grow a green thumb? Begin with a tiny herb garden that may be kept indoors.

Plant your herbs in tiny pots with loose soil for optimum drainage in a position that receives adequate sunshine throughout the day (at least 3 hours). Once the soil surface looks to be dry, tend to and water it (indoor gardens need less water, because of the cooler air).

Here is a list of herbs that thrive indoors: Mint, Parsley, Chives, Lemongrass, Oregano, Basil, and Thyme. When it’s grown, add your herbs to your trademark meal.

Start Bicycling

Instead of driving, join a cycling group or take a leisurely ride on your beach cruiser to the grocery store. It is entirely up to you to make your decision. Surprisingly, there are many different ways to ride a bicycle. Some may even lead to the discovery of a new hobby. Here are the types of available bicycles:

  • Road bikes are built for speed and distance
  • Mountain bikes are used to traverse higher ground with difficult terrain and obstacles
  • Beach cruisers are single-geared bikes that are ideal for riding on trails, parks, and beaches
  • Recumbent bikes allow you to sit comfortably while pedalling, and most feature three wheels for added stability
  • Tandem bikes are two-person bicycles; excellent for couples

Participate in Accountability Group

Join an accountability group and surround yourself with others who share your goals to gain inspiration and support. These groups are intended to improve your performance, track your progress, keep you involved, and provide a forum for you to share your views and opinions. Look for groups on your social network sites. Discover forums like this where you can share your story and receive virtual support from others who are going through the same thing. Start one of your own if you’re feeling brave!

Try a new eatery

Step away from your favorite spots and try something different. Perform a Yelp search in your region and arrange the results by reviews. The top results will show you the best-rated eateries. Avoid the “Ads,” since such establishments have paid to appear at the top of the list.

Local Meetups

Meetups in your neighborhood are a wonderful opportunity to get out and meet new people. Meetup is a fantastic website/mobile app for organizing and discovering groups. When you join up on the website, you’ll create an account that allows you to describe your interests and locate fantastic groups doing activities you enjoy.

Make Plans for a Movie Night

Going to the movies is an unforgettable experience. There’s nothing like a cool dark cinema with buttery popcorn fingers. It’s simple to select a movie; simply go to Rotten Tomatoes to read reviews on the most recent releases. You may also look for Ticket and Showtime availability to see what movies are available after dinner. Don’t bother about standing in line; get your tickets directly from the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Go Shopping

Shopping malls with department stores are expensive, predictable, and boring. Experiment by going to consignment shops, flea markets, and thrift stores, where hidden gems are waiting to be discovered! These retail establishments are inexpensive, and you may haggle over prices.

Look for Special Events in the Newspapers

The local newspaper is an excellent source for information about forthcoming special events or activities. Festivals, fairs, sales, exhibitions, and fundraisers are frequently advertised in the local section of the weekly newspaper.

If you don’t receive your newspaper delivered, you may buy one at a newsstand or read the online edition on the website of your favorite publication.

Become a Member of a Non-Profit Organization

Many benefits come with joining an organization, such as discounts, private events, social contact, and access to resources such as expert guidance or information. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, contribute to the community, and remain motivated. You could also think about pursuing leadership positions.

Popular Senior Organizations include AARPRed Hat SocietySCORE, and The American Society on aging among others.

Try a New Diet

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about new diets, with claims of improved health and mood. Why not try a new diet to help you improve your health? Learn about the science behind the diets and choose one that you believe would be best for you. Some of these diets include; Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Vegan Diet, Paleo Diet, Raw Food Diet, The Zone Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, and Vegetarian Diet.

Try Yoga

Yoga is the ideal low-impact workout with a long list of advantages. It enhances your balance, flexibility, joint health, stability, anxiety, blood pressure, and breathing.

Yoga is taught at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Examine the nearby studios and the classes that your gym may provide. Some community groups provide free or donation-based workshops where residents may come together and practice together.

Participate in Charitable Activities

Choose a cause that you care about and visit their website. The majority of groups announce future walks/runs. Here’s an excellent starting point.

Make it an occasion or a habit, and encourage your family and friends to join you in championing the cause!

Offer Child or Pet Care

Consider being a nanny or pet sitter if you enjoy caring for others! Care is a fantastic website that lets you establish a profile, apply for jobs, contact possible families, and even be paid without ever leaving the site. Basic profile features are free; however, you may upgrade your account and promote your abilities more effectively for a low monthly fee.

Make the Most of Your Consultant Skills

If people see you as an expert, consider leveraging the information you’ve gathered over the course of your work to become a consultant. Assist others in achieving objectives and mastering skills that you have previously mastered.

Check out Clarity, a website that connects users with specialists in their field for consulting. Create an expert profile and meet clients seeking solutions in your industry.

Take Road Trips

Get in your automobile and start driving! Consider going down fresh paths you haven’t travelled before. It’s easy to plan a trip. Download the app or go to Roadtrippers to sign up for an account or connect using social media.

Create a journey by adding locations to your map using highway directions and the best listings of roadside attractions.

Enroll in a Gym

Joining a gym allows you to work out regardless of the weather outside. Joining a gym is also like becoming a part of a tiny community. Get to know your other members, go to group sessions, and find a fitness buddy!

Examine all prospective facilities before committing to a membership. Before committing to a year, request a tour and a 3-day trial period.

Join the Senior Sports League

Take part in a senior sports league. Signups and meet-ups may be found at the community theater. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football are all popular activities at most community centers (men, women, and co-ed). Enter the league with a group of friends, or sign up alone to be placed on a team. Look for opportunities on existing teams; churches and community organizations frequently have teams. Join these teams to participate in the Senior Sports League Competition.

Reading a Book

Reading is an excellent hobby that may be enjoyed by anybody. Reading a good book may keep adults engaged and attentive. There are several genres to choose from, so there will always be something to choose from. Apart from being a classic hobby, reading is also a brain exercise that helps improve brain health and reduce stress levels.
If your loved one is a sports or television fanatic, there are a plethora of autobiographies to pick from. Most best-sellers are available as E-Books, which eliminates the need for physical books. Reading has been shown to improve decision-making, memory, sleep quality, and stress reduction. Alternatively, you may join a book club. Over time, book clubs help adults stay focused and achieve a reading target.

Organize a Community Clean-up

Make the most of your leisure time by helping to improve your neighborhood. Organize a community cleaning with the help of neighbors and friends, which includes clearing up garbage and debris, as well as light landscaping such as planting flowers along park paths. Use free platforms like SignUp to help with volunteer coordination.

Create a Bucket List

You don’t have to abandon your ambitions, but you should write out all you want to accomplish in your life and begin pursuing your goals.


I hope this has given you a better understanding of some of the many hobbies for seniors and the benefits they may bring. Regular full-body exercise for seniors and the aged can give a variety of health advantages, both physical and mental. There’s also a diverse selection of options available for seniors of all ages; It doesn’t matter if they have cognitive or physical problems.