33 Fun And Useful Courses for Elderly

Courses for Elderly

Courses for the elderly, whether online courses or campus courses are useful for senior citizens because they help to cater to their needs as well as keep them occupied with modern knowledge.  Senior citizens should not struggle to find valuable courses. Indeed it is a good thing to note that institutions are now beginning to create courses that appeal to this category in society.

Why is this important? The elderly have needs and this is why these details of courses for the elderly are valuable. Here is to a beautiful journey of discovering captivating courses for the elderly.

Which Are The Best Classes and Courses For Elderly?

The best courses for the elderly are widely available. Many top universities, community colleges, state universities, and online learning platforms are popular places to find these courses. Some can be free while others require payments. You will enjoy this comprehensive list of fund courses to get you started.  

Which Are The Best Computer Courses For Elderly?

There is a wide range of computer-based courses which offer useful skills in the computing world that will make the mind sharp. So many exciting things are happening in this space and these courses will prove essential for any elderly person that is interested in computing.

#1 Website development 

This is one of the most  common adult learning courses suitable for senior citizens who want to learn the basics of making a website. If you have been admiring how websites work and would like to get behind to learn how the magic happens, then this is a great course to look at. Consider the University of Michigan to start with.

#2 Blogging

A blogging class is valuable for the elderly. Senior citizens have a lot of knowledge that they can share through blogging. In this regard, online learning platforms offer great classes on blogging that teaches the basic stuff like building your blog, building content and monetizing it. Check out blogging courses in Udemy or search for more blogging courses online. By the way, blogging can be a great career during retirement.

#3 Gaming design

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and the elderly too can learn to design games even if it is just for fun and not necessarily to generate money. There are so many courses online that teach the basics of game design that can take you to a level where you can design really cool games.

#4 Introduction to coding

Coding is the engine of technology and this is where all the great stuff we see start. There are several courses online, some free for example the one offered by the University of Edinburgh. Learn the basic coding skills and start creating amazing projects.

#5 Information security

With the rise of technology comes security issues that should equally concern the elderly who no doubt might have a lot to lose if the security of their information is compromised. Courses on security will equip you better to protect your information assets. They could as well open up opportunities to earn extra cash.

#6 Internet history

The history of the internet is rich and exciting. If you are an elderly person keen on how the internet started and the big events in between, then take up a course on the history of the internet. A course like the one offered by the University of Michigan will ignite your mind with exciting facts and events, the kind of fun learning you deserve in old age.

#7 HTML, Java, CSS

The main units in these courses include items such as introduction to JavaScript, introduction to CSS, introduction to HTML. It is a great course that teaches the basics of what it takes to create a proper website that looks fabulous and loads quickly.

#8 Computing fundamentals

This is the kind of course that is perfect for any elderly person that wants to keep the brain active by getting into the heart and soul of computer science. You will learn principles of programming, object-oriented programming, python, etc.

#9 User experience courses

One of the leading institutions that offer this course is Georgia Tech. You will learn about the key processes that user experience design experts undertake to come up with the most desirable experience for users of websites.

#10 Graphic design

Graphic design is a big industry that requires special skills to prosper. A graphic design course for the elderly will equip you with skills such as using scale, direction, texture and weight. One good course you can consider for basic or additional skills in design is that offered by Cal Arts. 

Top Language Courses For Elderly

The creation of language remains one of the greatest development stages in human civilization and daily life. From the art of sign language to indigenous languages, the elderly can make good use of their time by taking up foreign language courses to expose themselves to the different languages of the world. Here are some useful language courses. Pick your favorite language.

#11 Chinese language courses

Peking University offers an excellent class for beginners who want to learn  the basics of the Chinese language. The Chinese language is spoken by over 1 billion people and it would be great to be able to interact with fellow elderly people of Chinese culture. An online class will work best.

#12 Introduction to linguistics

Several universities offer this course which basically teaches interesting subjects like sound, words, sentences. This is more like a language beginner-level class  where you discover the science of language and how it evolves. Consider the language course by the University of Leiden.

#13 Spanish language courses

Besides Spain itself, the Chinese language is also widely spoken in America. There are so many courses online where you can learn to speak Spanish and become good at it. One of the platforms where you can learn Spanish is Duolingo, and it’s free.

#14 Korean language

Many elderly people consider South Korea especially a great destination for holidays, good times and relaxation. You might therefore want to take classes for languages in Korean  to enhance interactions. Try Yonsei University’s Korean course and hone your Korean basic skills in both writing and speaking. 

#15 Japanese language course

Japan is a great country to visit, full of deep cultures and people entrenched in their rich history. Japanese can be a difficult language at first but it gets easy once you get the basics right. Find a course that lays emphasis on the basics of mastering the Japanese language.  

#16 Greek mythology

Greek mythology is one of the aspects that have significantly shaped the life of human beings on earth including the form of language as we know it today. Some of the systems of our life from politics to books are greatly inspired by this mythology. No wonder universities like the University of Pennsylvania offer a rich course in Greek Mythology where interesting dynamics of civilizations are adequately covered. Try such a course and you will be fascinated by the origin of most things down to civilizations. 

#17 English

Math and English courses are some of the excellent courses for elderly persons. They are fantastic at engaging your brain because they push you to remember stuff from day-to-day. Whether you want to learn as a hobby or find opportunities for additional benefits, you cannot go wrong with Math and English.

#18 Introduction to linguistics

While it is great to learn different languages used across the world, you might also want to get some in-depth introduction to languages and their origins. The University of Leiden has a great course on this, and yes it is free so take advantage! 

What Are Best Schools Offering Courses for Elderly?

You might want to explore the following universities for courses that can hopefully meet your needs. Universities present endless options of programs and most don’t require a college background.

#19 University of Southern Maine senior courses

This University has a senior college that is dedicated to seniors with a great  continued education option. You will be able to choose a course of your liking across different fields including liberal arts and sciences. Winter/summer courses last about 6 weeks while spring courses last about 8 weeks.

#20 Will Kemp Art School 

If you are of senior citizen age and have been keen to get painting skills such as advanced acrylic painting skills then this is a great option to start with. This art school offers great painting lessons including amazing videos to get you started. They have free offers that include videos where you can enjoy up to 7 hours and more viewing time.

#21 Harvard University

Well, of course, Harvard is a phenomenal brand, a giant in the academic world. So you would expect them to have great offerings that will perfectly suit seniors. Some courses are free so you can get started with these. Harvard advises a commitment of 3-4 hours per week. Sample the Harvard courses here and choose suitable  class sessions.

Which States Offer Great Courses For Elderly?

All the states of the United States for example have programs tailored for the elderly. There is literally a friendly college for seniors in every state. The courses are available at the community college level or state universities.  Here is the sampling.

#22 Alabama

If you are a senior living in Alabama state, then you will be happy to learn that the state has a tuition-free program for seniors. If you are above 60 years of age, please check with the financial aid for guidelines and approved colleges.  Additional course fees might apply depending on subjects.

#23 Alaska

Elderly persons in Alaska can take advantage of the tuition waiver program offered by the University of Alaska. The most important condition is that you need to already be receiving security benefits in full. Bear in mind that costs such as healthcare, lab and student activities are not included in the program. Contact the college online for all the admission guidelines and registration fees if any. 

#24 Colorado

Elderly persons above the age of 55 in Colorado can take courses at Colorado State University whenever there are classes with space available. The university does not charge any tuition fee though college credit will not be awarded for attending.

#25 California

Senior citizens in California aged 60 years and above can benefit from a wonderful program in California State University. This college waives all the college tuition fee and cuts down costs drastically for resident students above 60 years of age.

#26 Connecticut

Are you an elderly person above 62 years of age and you are based in Connecticut state? Then you can find great courses in community colleges and state colleges like Central Connecticut State University,  free of charge depending on space availability. Other fees might remain applicable.

#27 Arkansas

Arkansas State has an amazing program for seniors above 60 years. The state waives tuition fees across state universities for degree-seeking senior citizen keen on graduate or undergraduate degrees. Admissions are subject to space permitting. The concept of space availability is very important across all the state opportunities.

Which Are The Best Environment Courses For Elderly?

In this era of climate change, the environment is one of those areas you might want to occupy your time as an elderly person. These sample courses can help.

#28 Climate change courses

Yale University offers a great course on climate change and the effects on health. For about $49 per month, you will get the most up to date lessons on how climate change is progressing and the resulting impact on human health.

#29 Astronomy courses

You can find many courses online on Astronomy where you can learn about time and space and have fun understanding some exciting aspects of the environment, concepts of space. You will have fun learning stuff like modern astronomy, skies, solar system and the natural world. You can start by checking out Coursera or University of Arizonaas an excellent option for a start.

#30 Evolution

Leiden University offers a great course on Evolution from a present perspective. This is a 6 unit course that you will really enjoy and be fascinated by.

Which Are The Best Music Courses For Elderly

They say good music is the elixir for the soul and what better way for elderly persons to achieve this than taking up a music course for elderly.

#31 Classical music

Yale University offers a fun, free course on classical music. Learn interesting facts from the origin of classical music dating back several eras.

#32 Wellness music

Berklee college offers an online course where the elderly persons learn how music affects the brain and the body in general. These are practical lessons that you can integrate right into your daily life.

#33 Guitar courses

Well, the guitar is one of the basic instruments for any music production. There are several courses online on guitars that focus on the essential skills of being a great guitar player. Take advantage and become a polished guitar artist!


Are you an elderly person or are you close to a senior citizen be it a relative or friend? Please take advantage of the enormous resources available both online and offline  in the form of courses for elderly that match their interests or needs.

Hope you enjoyed discovering some of the best choices you can make in terms of courses for elderly persons. Feel free to share your comments and please share the article on social media if you liked it!