Cheapest Car Insurance Texas – 13 Best Quotes

Cheapest Car Insurance Texas - 13 Best Quotes

Looking for the cheapest car insurance in Texas? It’s important to understand that factors like customer reputation and costs are critical factors to consider when looking for cheap car insurance in Texas. This quick round-up of the cheapest auto insurance brings you some of the cheapest options of car insurance in Texas that are suitable for a wide range of drivers.

Which Is the Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas?

We analyzed a total of 31 car insurance quotes from different sources and narrowed them down to the average car insurance rates in order to arrive at the following as the cheapest car insurance companies in Texas. The insurance options offered by these companies are suited for various categories of drivers, covering different needs. 

Now dive into the cheapest car insurance in Texas with the lowest rate offering under different categories, based on the current average car insurance costs. Some of the categories include comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, teen drivers, collision coverage, fault accidents, etc.

1. Overall Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

Geico Insurance is by far the cheapest car insurance in Texas company in the overall auto insurance space based on average cost analysis. With an average rate of $95 per month, please give it a look and you might just find a coverage policy that meets your needs. 

Other key competitors in this category include auto insurance carriers such as Gap Insurance, Allstate Metlife, Houston General, Farmers USAA State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Allstate Insurance, and Fred Loya among many others that you can easily find in most Texas populous cities. 

2. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Minimal Coverage

For the minimum car insurance category, Geico still comes out best for minimum coverage. Again various factors have been taken into account to arrive at the determination that at about $30/month, not many insurance companies can beat this Geico. 

We don’t rule out the possibility that you can find even better rates from major insurance companies or insurance professionals, so this recommendation is just a comparative guide from a professional analysis.

3. Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Texas for 65-year-olds

This falls under insurance for seniors and as we have already discovered from above, the higher the age, the lower the insurance price across different auto policies and it is, therefore, a fact that drivers aged 65 years of age can be guaranteed cheaper rates. 

If you are at this age, then the good news for you is that you can find really good rates if you shop around carefully while remembering to take your personal circumstances into account. Some of these circumstances may include incidents like speeding tickets and accidents as well as credit history.

As a tip to help you save some money, please consider thoroughly and make a decision on your current insurance policies. Determine whether you really need all of them or there are some you can cut off and divert the money to your savings. 

Let’s now take a look at the various common auto insurance policies for your various needs including medical bills plus their coverage rates.   

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance Texas for 65-year-old drivers

If you are a driver in Texas with clean driving records, aged 65 years, then here are good options with cheaper premiums from some of the largest insurance companies. Take a look and pick the most suitable for your auto insurance needs from these affordable insurers. 

  • Texas Farm Bureau insurance company: $1,113 annually.
  • Republic Group insurance company: $1,153 annually.
  • Nationwide insurance company: $1,245 annually.
  • Houston General insurance company: $1,309 annually.

Cheapest car insurance Texas for 65-year-old drivers with poor credit

Let bad credit not deter you from finding auto insurance that is suitable for your car in Texas. Here are auto insurers with the lowest rates for full coverage that are suitable for drivers aged 65 years in Texas looking for an affordable rate. 

  • Nationwide insurance company: $1,728 annually.
  • Houston General insurance company: $1,839 annually.
  • Geico insurance company: $2,005 annually.

Cheapest motor insurance Texas quotes for 65-year-olds after a DUI

Here are a couple of cheapest insurance companies that represent the cheapest auto insurance coverage options you might want to consider for full coverage with low auto insurance premiums after DUI. 

  • Esurance insurance company: $1,405 annually.
  • Republic Group insurance company: $1,519 annually.
  • Geico insurance company: $1,626 per year.
  • Houston General insurance company: $1,852 annually.
  • State Farm insurance company: $2,117 annually.

Cheapest minimum coverage auto insurance Texas for 65-year-old drivers

If all you want is the minimum coverage as provided by the state of Texas and avoid being an uninsured motorist, then here are affordable car insurance options with the lowest rates. For comparative purposes, please consider these cheaper car insurance rates.  

  • Houston General insurance company: $404 annually.
  • Geico insurance company: $407 annually.
  • Loya Insurance company: $469 annually. 

Cheapest car insurance Texas suitable for 65-year-old drivers with one at-fault crash

These insurance companies in Texas currently have the lowest cost of insurance for drivers aged 65 years who have been involved in a recent accident. Please check their auto insurance rates and bring down your auto insurance costs. 

  • Republic Group insurance company: $1,152 annually.
  • Geico insurance company: $1,581 annually.
  • State Farm insurance company: $1,736 annually.
  • Texas Farm Bureau insurance company: $1,835 annually.

4. Cheapest car insurance Texas for drivers aged 50 years

As the age of a driver goes up, the insurance rates offered by many companies tend to go lower, and so we can confidently say that the age of a driver is inversely proportional to the insurance rate they are likely to get in their coverage policy. 

It, therefore, follows that drivers aged 50 years will receive lower rates compared to drivers below this age. The rates will always continue to drop as the age graph rises and this is really a nice thing when you think about it because with age then the ability to work around the clock and make lots of money reduces.

It is also a good way of giving some professional consideration for the older people in society. But it is important to also understand the reasoning behind this which is that as one age, so does the driving experience become more established and the obvious expectation is that a person of this age is a careful driver whose risk is considerably low. 

Which factors determine the premium rates for 50 year old’s?

Please note that even as age gives you an advantage, the rates can differ significantly based on factors like location, gender marital status, etc. Our picks provide you a good platform to start, and it is always possible that you can find better rates outside this list which will be fantastic for you. 

Some insurance companies might require you to complete a defensive driving course as a condition to enjoy their discounts for policy drivers who have reached the age of 50. Others give vehicle discounts to their loyal customers once they reach 50 years and so it would be great that you check with your insurance company and ask if they have such offers for their 50-year-old clients. 

What are the top car insurance Texas quotes for 50-year-olds?

50 year old drivers in Texas, just like in most states, have the benefit of attracting the following cheapest quotes from insurance companies. 

Cheapest full coverage car insurance Texas for drivers aged 50 years

If you are a 50-year-old driver in Texas and your clean driving record or driving history can speak for you, then consider these auto insurance companies which currently have the lowest rates:

  • Republic Group: $1,178 annual rate.
  • Esurance: $1,256 annual rate.
  • Nationwide: $1,271 annual rate.
  • Texas Farm Bureau: $1,322 annual rate.

As always, remember to get a feel of the customer service reputation of these cheap car insurance companies. 

Cheapest car insurance Texas suitable for 50-year-olds with one at-fault crash

If you got involved in an accident recently and you are already 50, then go ahead and consider Republic Group, Geico, State Farm, and Texas Farm Bureau which is currently offering the lowest rates in Texas for full coverage of one fault crash. Besides the rates, ask about their policy limits. 

Cheapest car insurance Texas suitable for drivers aged 50 years after a DUI

If your circumstances relate to a recent DUI, then consider quotes for full coverage policy from Esurance insurance company, Republic Group, Geico insurance company, and Houston General insurance company

These insurance companies have a presence across the largest cities and so you will not have a challenge finding them. 

Cheapest Car insurance quotes for poor credit 50-year-olds in Texas

Got poor credit? Then check out these rates with the cheapest car insurance rates for 50- year olds in Texas with poor credit. 

  • Nationwide: $1,771 annual rate.
  • Geico: $1,982 annual rate.
  • Houston General: $2,003 annual rate.

5. Cheapest car Insurance in Texas for 40-year-old Drivers

The insurance industry seems to offer very good rates across the board for drivers who have clocked 40 years.

To find cheap car insurance in Texas for 40-year-olds, start by comparing rates across different insurance companies, not forgetting the factors we highlighted earlier such as customer service reputation levels. 


You might want to consider pay-per-distance options if you are a good but not a regular driver. Here you will only pay for the miles you drive and not annually or monthly, meaning you will save quite some good money, and rightly so because you really need not pay for the many days you don’t get on the road. 

Different Payment Arrangement:

Find out about insurance discounts on offer if any for different payment arrangements such as annually, quarterly or monthly. Many insurance companies give attractive discounts for customers who choose to pay annually instead of monthly which often turns out to be the most expensive. 

2 For The Price of one (With Discount!):

If you are a homeowner, then you might find it beneficial to insure your home with the company you will choose for your auto insurance. Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you insure your home with them in addition to your car. 

Here are the various quotes of coverage and the cheapest companies to consider in Texas for 40-year-olds

Cheapest full coverage car insurance Texas for drivers aged 40 years

40-year-old Texas drivers who have clean driving records will find a great option by choosing any among these insurance companies that currently have the lowest rates.

  • Geico Insurance: $1,130 annual premium.
  • Republic Group: $1,310 annual premium.
  • Nationwide: $1,355 annual premium.
  • Texas Farm Bureau: $1,361 annual premium.

Cheapest minimum coverage car insurance Texas for drivers aged 40 years

If all you want is just minimum coverage, then these lowest average rate options will give you a good choice to pick

  • Geico Insurance: $389 annual rate.
  • Houston General Insurance: $461 annual rate.
  • Loya Insurance: $471 annual rate.
  • Esurance Insurance company: $524 annual rate.

Cheapest car insurance Texas for 40-year-old drivers with poor credit

Are you a 40-year-old driver in Texas with poor credit? Please check these affordable car insurance rates for full coverage at the lowest rates :

  • Nationwide: $1,890 annual rate.
  • Geico: $2,109 annual rate.
  • Houston General: $2,221 annual rate.
  • Republic Group: $2,323 annual rate.
  • Esurance: $2,419 annual rate.

Cheapest car insurance Texas for 40-year-olds with one at-fault crash

Consider these affordable insurance rates for full coverage if you are 40 years of age and have been involved in an accident lately including fatal crashes: 

  • Republic Group: $1,310 annual rate.
  • Geico: $1,625 annual rate.
  • State Farm: $1,889 annual rate.
  • Texas Farm Bureau: $2,154 annual rate.
  • Nationwide: $2,173 annual rate. 

Cheapest auto insurance in Texas for 40-year-olds after a DUI

These are the cheapest car insurance Texas companies, best suited for drivers in Texas aged 40 years with alcohol-related car crashes or general DUI (driving under the influence).

  • Esurance: $1,365 annual rate.
  • Geico: $1,639 annual rate.
  • Republic Group: $1,678 annual rate.
  • National General: $2,203 annual rate.

6. Cheapest Car Insurance Texas for 30-year-old Drivers With One at-Fault Crash

If you are a 30-year-old driver in Texas and have experienced a recent accident, then Geico, Nationwide, and Republic Group are the top lowest average rate insurance companies to consider for full coverage.

7. Cheapest Car Insurance Texas for Young Drivers

If you are a young driver, including student drivers or college students,  then you know that insurance is a vital part of your safety. Auto insurance is as good as good driving habits. 

For this very important category of drivers, Texas Farm Bureau emerges the winner as the best car insurance in Texas for young drivers, starting at $71 per month. Whether you are a teen driver or a young adult, you will get the right policy for your car. 

8. Cheapest Car Insurance Texas for Drivers With Poor Credit

Where factors like credit history and credit score are central, Nationwide comes out as cheap auto insurance for people with poor credit ratings, with a monthly premium starting about $160 per month. 

While a clean record and credit score are a great boost for getting good insurance rates, it does not mean that you cannot get insurance if your records are poor and Nationwide is your bet if you fall under this category. Just make an effort to get back to clean driving records and get lower rates.

9. Cheapest Car Insurance Texas for Incidents

If your driving records feature a speeding ticket, then you might want to consider Geico because it currently happens to offer the cheapest rates in this category, at about $1,500 in annual premium rate. In case of accidents, Geico will also come in handy with a $1,866 average annual rate. 

Please note that incidents such as tickets can significantly change the approach that insurance companies will use to rate your coverage policy.  If you have been involved in an accident or have been slapped with a ticket by a police officer,  most insurance companies are likely to increase your rate based on the magnitude or severity of the incident. 

Even in cases where you have been a long-term customer of a particular insurance company, an incident will alter the rate upwards through being their customer can give you a slight advantage. 

This is why it is important to always take time to compare offers and rates from different car insurance companies, and especially consider the effect of their offers in the long term and how they play out whenever you get involved in unexpected incidences.  

10 . Cheapest Car Insurance Companies For Military Families

Are you an active armed service veteran of the United States or a military member who is still active, or any of your immediate family members any of these? Then you have good chances of getting lower insurance costs from a car insurance company in Texas.

USAA comes top for military families keen to lower their cost of auto insurance. Important to note that USAA membership of this company’s coverage policy is only for military families and is not accessible to members of the general public. The coverage per person may vary depending on age and the strength of your insurance card.

11. Cheapest Car Insurance Texas for Natural disaster

A natural disaster such as a storm can be common in Texas and it is possible that your car can be damaged by lightning, hail, or high winds. Talk to your insurance company about their insurance policy approach to damages caused by storms and other natural disasters.

Motor vehicles cannot be covered for damage resulting from a storm if all you have is liability-only coverage or just the Texas state’s minimum coverage. What can work in case of storm damages is comprehensive insurance coverage which you can always acquire as part of the policy that you already hold. This is an evolving area and chances are high that insurance companies will in the future start to give dedicated rates for storm-related incidents. 

12. Cheapest Liability car Insurance Texas Companies

For the lowest rates on offer for liability auto insurance in Texas, then it is advisable to look for companies that meet the minimum requirements set by the state of Texas when it comes to liability insurance.

After comparing several providers in this category alongside their coverage limits, State Farm emerges as winners with affordable options as low as $529 per year, a rate that stands out as the most competitive among most providers across the industry. 

Other comparatively lower rate options include USAA though this is exclusive for military members and those who come from military families. Fred Loya is also another good one, please check it out and take advantage of their low rates in this category which currently has some of the lowest rates as well for liability auto insurance. Before you decide please be sure to check liability limits.

13. Cheapest Auto Insurance Texas for Drinking Under Influence (DUI)

Though we have already given DUI quotes in various categories of car insurance Texas above, driving under the influence (DUI) deserves a special mention because many drivers and especially the young ones can often find themselves in this situation. It helps to know which providers can serve you best in case of a citation for DUI. 

The companies with the best and lowest quotes in this category include Fred Loya Insurance, State Farm, and USAA (for military families). The rates of these companies are generally 50-65% lower than most providers in the industry. 

We do not advocate for driving under the influence but then again this is a reality and the best approach, therefore, is to be prepared with affordable auto insurance. 

Create time and check out their current rates, then pick your most preferred cheapest insurer.  If you can opt for annual car insurance premiums for your auto insurance policy payments as they tend to be cheaper than auto insurance monthly payments.


Car insurance Texas is a highly competitive space. This is good for you the customer as it provides a large pool of sample rates to choose from. Consider your personal circumstances wisely then pick the best from the 13 options above or simply use your zip code and get to compare rates

What are your favorite insurance companies in Texas and what is their average cost? Please give your thoughts in the comments section and kindly share this article on your social media to help friends and followers get the cheapest car insurance in Texas.