13 Cheap Car Insurance In California

13 Cheap Car Insurance In California

California boasts over 15 million cars registered and over 27 million drivers licensed to drive in the state of California. In fact, California officially has the highest number of licensed drivers, nearly 10 million more than the second state which is Texas.

Such huge numbers can create an ecosystem that drives up auto insurance costs. That’s why you will find this selection of 13 cheap car insurance in California a vital starting point in the search for the right auto insurance company.

Which are the cheapest car insurance companies in California?

Many cars and drivers on the roads are associated with high risks for stuff like accidents, accident claims, auto body repair claims, bodily injury claim, claim for damage, distracted driving, bad driving, driving under the influence, etc., which cause insurance costs to increase.

This means that for a state like California with such a humongous number of vehicles and drivers, the insurance premium rates can really go very high compared to other less auto-populated states in the United States.

It, therefore, helps to analyze the various car insurance in California to find a cheap option that meets your requirements. Here is a selection of 13 cheap car insurance in California to get you started. 

Cheap car insurance in California for incidents

While incidents such as accidents, DUI, and speeding will often influence insurance premium to increase, you can still find cheap options as follows. The cost of vehicle repairs and vehicle repair bills as a result of incidents contribute to increasing rates.

1. Cheap auto Insurance in California for Accidents

Accidents are a common occurrence on the roads anywhere in the world and California is no exception. Sometimes you can take all the care in the world but still end up causing an accident. 

You feel terrible after you realize that you have caused an accident and the last thing you want is to be in a scenario where you have no insurance to take care of the damage caused. This is why you just have to get a cheap coverage policy to take care of the unfortunate event of an accident caused by you. 

Insurance companies in California look at different items to consider the cheapest rate they can give for accidents, including, age, experience, and driving history over a period of time for example the last 3-5 years. 

Regardless of what they are going to consider in your case, the cheapest car insurance in California for accidents includes CSAA, Progressive, Grange, and Esurance. The quotes can change from time to time, so please be sure to check their offering from time to time and go for the lowest. 

2. Cheap auto insurance in California for DUI

Yes, everyone advises you to try not to drive under the influence right? And that’s a good thing if you can actually do it 100%. If every driver can manage to avoid driving under the influence, then so many incidents like accidents and collisions can reduce drastically leading to much lower car insurance costs. 

But the reality is that there might be that one day when things will just go south and you find yourself booked for DUI. You need insurance to take care of matters and here are cheap insurance to check out:

Freedom National Insurance: $152 per month

SafeAuto Insurance: $176 per month

Anchor Insurance: About $180 per month

3. Cheap auto insurance in California for speeding

Speeding is perhaps one of the most common incidents on the roads. Those speeding tickets will eventually affect the cost of your auto insurance in California. 

The rates across insurance companies will be higher for drivers with a record of speeding compared to drivers who have no speeding history.

You can correct this though over time. Meanwhile here are the current lowest auto insurance rates for drivers with speeding challenges: 

Geico: Starting $2000 annually

AAA NorCal: Starting $2,400 annually 

Allstate: Starting: $3000 annually

These cheaper auto insurance rates can change depending on prevailing circumstances. 

Which are the cheap insurance companies in California for seniors, middle age and young drivers?

You might know that different age levels attract different car insurance premiums because circumstances usually change across different age groups. Here is a look at the various auto insurance in California that is cheap and suitable across different age categories. 

The best representative age categories are the young, seniors, and middle age

4. Cheap car insurance in California for seniors

If you are a senior driver in California or over 50 years old, then you need cheap car insurance in California that not only understands your needs at this age but also gives you the best customer care. 

Various insurance companies in California have different discounts for seniors and so look out for these discounts including for completing defense driving course, retired government staff, etc. 

Please consider these affordable auto insurance rates suitable for senior drivers. 

Geico: Starting $1,400 annually. They also havegreat senior discounts worth checking out.  

Wawanesa: Starting $1,500 annually.

21st Century: Starting $1,500 annually.

5. Cheap auto insurance in California for middle-aged drivers

Most established drivers in terms of age and experience will probably fall in the middle age category. This also happens to be the age bracket where most people are trying to get their life together, mostly correcting their mistakes of young age, getting focused, and preparing for a stable life going forward. 

This is then the time to factor in your car insurance and these cheap auto insurance options in California should make for a good start:

Mercury and Infinity: Cheap and suitable for 30-year-olds struggling with DUI

Esurance, CSAA: Topmost suitable for a 40-year-old male or 40-year-old male and female driver looking for full coverage and one at-fault crash coverage including crash deaths and vehicle repair bills.

6.Cheap auto insurance in California for young drivers

If you are a driver in California in your teens to early 20s and 30s, then what you need is a cheap insurance company that is willing to offer services customized to your circumstances and most importantly it has to be affordable auto insurance for young drivers.

While you cannot escape the reality that insurance companies consider young persons to be high-risk drivers and therefore put the rates high, cheap options to consider include:

Geico: From $1,200 per year

State Farm: From  $1,300 per year

Travelers: From $1,400 per year

Nationwide: From $1,500 per year

Progressive: From $1,600 per year 

Please note that these rates can change rapidly depending on circumstances in your city.  

7. Cheap auto insurance in California for students

Insurance companies in California, like elsewhere, consider student drivers inexperienced and this explains why the cost of insurance tends to be high among coverage auto insurance policies for students. So the idea is to compare the coverage car insurance premiums from different companies and go for the lowest coverage car insurance rates for auto insurance rates, all factors remaining constant.

As always, customer service reputation should be top on your list of factors to look at because you still need good treatment as much as you are a student.

Geico is the cheapest car insurer here, particularly because it also offers student discounts to members of college student-centered groups, like alumni associations, and fraternities. It is also a highly rated company for customer service. 

8. Cheap auto insurance in California for veterans and military 

Active-duty military and veterans, including their families, are recognized for the special roles they perform for the country and this explains why their insurance needs are considered a special coverage level. Some insurance companies have specialized packages for military and veterans, giving them the right recognition they deserve. 

The number one auto insurance that you should consider if you belong to this category is USAA, which in fact caters exclusively to members of the military and veterans category.

If you still want to explore beyond USAA, then start with Geico which has some of the cheapest rates in this category. Other cheap ones include Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers. Consider completing a defensive driving course to get discounts.

9. License suspended?

Driver profiles matter and your licenses can be suspended for one reason or another. That does not imply the end of driving on the roads of California. There are legal ways to address this and insurance companies are the best placed to assist you. Since they are experienced, you can have your license reinstated within a short time only if you use the best insurance company.  

Some of the cheap auto insurance providers that can quickly assist you to file SR-22 in California are the Alliance United Insurance company, Affirmative insurance, Anchor General Insurance Agency, and 21stcentury. These are not the only ones but they represent the cheapest options, so please start with them. Please check their coverage limits. 

10. Cheap auto insurance in California for bad driving history

Bad driving history is not what you wish for but then it happens and when you find yourself here, you still need to consider the auto insurance with the lowest rates while taking your history into account. 

Please make use of the cheapest car insurance policy rates from these cheapest auto insurer providers: Progressive, Geico, Allstate, Esurance, and State Farm as first priority. Rates range between $2000-$3500.

While bad history can discourage you, please work on correcting it and return gradually to clean records over time. Check with your local insurance regulator for complaints against insurance companies. 

11. Affordable auto insurance in California for minimum liability

If you are a driver in California looking for liability insurance, then the first and most important thing to do is to start by looking at the state minimum coverage rates. As you can expect, the state provides the best guide to insurance rates.  

After considering rates from the top insurance companies with a presence in California, the ones that come top as the cheapest for California minimum liability car insurance are Progressive, Freedom National, and Anchor. Their rates range between $70 to $100 per month or $800 to $1200 annually. 

If you are a driver in California that is interested in a full coverage policy, which includes collision insurance as well as comprehensive insurance or comprehensive coverage then it’s good to know that the current lowest coverage insurance rates vary between $1800 to $2300 per year.  

The insurance companies that offer some of the cheapest rates for full coverage in California include Freedom National, Anchor, Geico, Progressive, and Clearcover.  

With your zip code, you can quickly compare rates for your auto policy.  Remember to ask about liability per person and take into account current insurance rate increases. 

12. Cheap auto insurance in California for good drivers

Good driving history or having clean records as is commonly known is what every driver aspires to have, but only a few manage to get this badge of honor. Coupled with other factors like good records of credit cards or credit card history, this is a big advantage for claim satisfaction rating. Credit history is regarded highly by insurance companies.  

If you are a driver in California with clean driving history, congratulations for keeping the discipline on the roads and for being a good example. 

Here are the cheapest auto insurance for drivers in California with clean driving record, so please check out these auto insurers and take advantage of their cheap rates: 

Average annual rates starting $1700: Wawanesa, USAA

Average annual rates starting $1,800: Mercury, Progressive 

The current California average cost for good drivers is around $2300. An agent with good claim experience can help you make the most of your good driving records.  If your employer is paying for you, understand the deductible limits and the total cost of auto insurance applicable to your salary. 

13. Caught without insurance? 

If you have ever been caught without insurance then you might already be aware that this takes away any clean record. Insurance companies will treat you as high risk and the obvious consequence is high auto insurance premiums. 

If this is where you find yourself and are considering choices for insurance coverage, then the cheap car insurance companies to consider for auto insurance coverage include Geico, Wawanesa, and Mercury. The annual cost rates range from $1700-$2000 while the state average is $3000. 

Please note that you will be penalized if you are caught driving without a license. First-time offenders can pay up to $200 and the rest up to $500. 


Hope you have gained valuable tips to consider when searching for the cheapest auto insurance companies in California? 

Just remember that car insurance is a necessary component for all drivers and that is why it is mandatory to have auto insurance;  otherwise, your driving license can be suspended among other penalties. 

Feel free to share your cheap auto insurance options in California and kindly share this article for the benefit of your followers across social media.