How To Use Netflix – 15 Helpful Tips And Tricks

How To Use Netflix

Netflix is now the world’s largest streaming platform, with over 180 million customers. It’s a winning combination of old and new television shows, original series, and films. Binge-watching has become one of the most popular modern activities thanks to the service, which has forever transformed the way we enjoy our entertainment.

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed Netflix devotee, chances are you’re not getting the most out of the service, and you’re losing out on some valuable features and amazing material you didn’t even know existed. So, here are 15 useful tips and tricks on how to use Netflix!

Is Netflix Safe for Kids?

It varies, but in general, yes.

The main Netflix catalog contains a large amount of mature content, including severe violence (thrillers), brutal visuals (horrors), explicit language and dark themes (dramas), and nudity/sex (documentaries) (across genres). Allowing a toddler unrestricted Netflix access is probably not a good idea.

First, there’s the Netflix for Kids link at Everything is the same, only the content is tailored to toddlers, preteens, and adolescents, making it suitable for independent browsing and viewing.

Second, make parental controls available. You can select a Maturity Level per profile to limit what each child can watch if you create a different profile for each child. Alternatively, you can limit your Netflix account to a specific Maturity Level and protect it with a PIN. Get more information on Netflix’s parental restrictions.

How To Use Netflix – Tips And Tricks

When you have feature-rich software like Netflix at your disposal, knowing how to maximize your video-streaming experience is critical. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the top Netflix hacks to help you enhance your video-streaming game.

There’s no use in going through the entire library when you can go straight to a select category of movies. Similarly, there’s no need to be concerned about your privacy if you can hide your profile to keep inquisitive eyes at bay.

1. Discover What’s Been Added And What’s Coming

Netflix adds new shows and films on a regular basis, but with so much content to choose from, keeping up with the latest additions can be difficult – especially since many titles don’t appear on the homepage.

Similarly, the streaming service regularly removes content to keep things new, so you might be wondering why you can’t find anything you were looking for previously. To see the most recent stuff, simply go to Netflix and click on ‘Latest’ at the top. You’ll see a long list of Netflix original TV shows and movies. You can see what’s coming next if you scroll down a little.

2. Choose the best plan for your viewing habits

Although the majority of Netflix users are on the Standard Plan, the company really provides five distinct subscription levels, each with its own price and benefits.

Anyone who remembers Netflix as a DVD-by-mail rental service (with no late fees! ), will be happy to know that it is still available on the streaming giant. Two DVD and Blu-ray options are available in addition to the streaming plans, allowing you to rent series and movies on actual discs.

You can alter your subscription at any time if you want to switch up your plan. You can also change your payment details and method if you need to in the future.

3. Personalize your account with profiles

Netflix’s personalized recommendation algorithm is one of the most advanced in the industry, determining which films display on your Netflix homepage. Based on what you watch, click on, and search for, each row is categorized and selected.

If you’re the only user, this level of customization is fantastic, but if you share your account with friends and family, it’s useless. Here’s where profiles come in handy. Each Netflix account can have up to five individual profile pictures, which makes it easier to keep everyone’s tastes separate. Parental controls for kids profiles are PIN-protected, allowing you to limit the maturity rating of content kids that they can view.

You can choose which profile to open every time you log into Netflix, and switching between profiles is straightforward enough – you can typically do it faster by quitting Netflix and reloading it. You can also erase a profile from any device if you later decide you don’t need it, you can delete a profile from any device.

4. Manage your Continue Watching list

Binge-watching is something that everyone associates with Netflix. The Continue Watching list is one way Netflix makes binge-watching simple.

When you start watching a TV or movie but don’t finish it, it’s added to your Continue Watching list. This list makes it easy to resume where you left off when you return – simply click the title you want, and it will pick up where you left off.

5. Download shows and movies to watch offline

Netflix is referred to as a “streaming service” since movies and television shows are delivered to your streaming device over the internet. However, did you know that you can watch Netflix even if you don’t have access to the internet?

Here’s how to download Netflix episodes and movies to watch later. It’s vital to remember that this feature is limited to a few titles and is only available on a mobile device. If you’re heading somewhere where there won’t be a consistent internet connection, the ability to download movies and series will come in handy. Perhaps a lengthy flight with a loon, or camping.

6. Find obscure titles using Netflix codes

When you first log into Netflix, you’ll see a selection of titles that you’ve recently viewed or that Netflix believes you’ll enjoy.

Netflix, on the other hand, has thousands of series and movies, the majority of which are so obscure that they will never appear on your homepage. So, if you don’t want to go through your homepage, how do you find new titles to watch? If you have Netflix premium on your computer, you’re in luck: you can use Netflix codes to locate practically anything you want to watch.

7. Get Netflix on your favorite devices

You can watch Netflix on almost any device that has the Netflix app and can connect to the internet, unlike some other streaming services. Netflix may be seen on a wide variety of devices in addition to your computer:

  • Smart TVs: Using a compatible device such as a Roku or Apple TV, you can watch Netflix on your TV. Netflix is also available on most smart TVs.
  • Gaming consoles: If you have a PlayStation 4, you can also get Netflix for it. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch is one of the few gaming consoles that does not support Netflix.
  • Phones and tablets: To watch Netflix on your phone or tablet, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Netflix app.

8. Use easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts

You don’t need to use your mouse to control everything when watching Netflix on your Mac or PC. With your keyboard, you may select and control nearly every playback setting.

  • Press the Space Bar or Enter (PC)/Return to play or pause the video (Mac).
  • F will bring up Full-Screen mode. With Esc, you can escape Full-Screen mode.
  • The left arrow key will rewind 10 seconds, and the right arrow key will fast forward 10 seconds.
  • The up arrow key is used to increase volume, and the down arrow key is used to decrease volume.
  • By pressing M, you can silence the sounds.
  • You can skip the start of a TV show by simply pressing S while watching it.

9. Check and set the best video quality

From the grainy VHS tapes of the 1990s, we’ve come a long way. You should be able to see every drop of sweat on every actor’s face nowadays; if you can’t, either they’re great at maintaining cool under pressure, or your film quality isn’t up to par.

To begin, here are some fundamental guidelines for increasing your quality video:

  • Make sure your internet connection speed is strong. Netflix will only show standard-definition video if your internet connection is too slow to load HD content. This style of footage might be grainy and hazy, which makes it difficult to discern minute details. Maintain a good battery life and a low power mode. When your battery is low, certain devices limit how much power programs can consume. As a result, Netflix may default to lower video quality.
  • Make sure HD video quality isn’t turned off in Netflix’s settings. Each Netflix profile includes an “HD Toggle,” which allows you to choose which video quality Netflix should stream in by default. You can select from Low, Medium, or High video quality, as well as Auto, which will display whatever Netflix thinks your bandwidth can handle.

10. add captions, subtitles, and audio descriptions

Have you ever struggled to comprehend what was being said in a movie? Netflix, fortunately, provides subtitles and caption tracks for all of its shows and movies. The majority of titles have them in various languages.

You can also have the opposite issue: you can hear but not see the TV or movie. In that case, it’s worth noting that many titles feature an audio explanation mode as well. When this mode is enabled, the show or movie will have a narrator who will describe everything that happens on screen. It’s similar to an audiobook, but with the addition of pictures.

11. Change the language on your account

If you’ve recently accessed Netflix, you may have been met by a loud video preview for one of their most current episodes or films. While auto playing videos can be beneficial in terms of discovering new stuff to watch, they can also be extremely irritating.

Many individuals are unaware that this feature can be disabled. By going to your Account page, you may disable the autoplay option. To preserve your settings, uncheck “Autoplay previews while surfing on all devices” and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

You can also make it so that Netflix does not automatically play the next episode when you complete an episode on this page. To do so, uncheck “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.” These options work on a profile-by-profile basis, so if you have many profiles, you’ll have to modify them all.

12. Keep your account secure

To use Netflix, you must provide the corporation with a significant amount of personal information, including your name, email address, and payment information. As a result, you don’t want anyone else to have access to your account.

Netflix, like any other website, allows you to simply change your password by going to the Account settings section. On every device update, logging out of Netflix is as simple as a few clicks.

13. Watch Netflix at off-peak hours for better video quality

According to Digital Trends research, another strategy to increase video quality is to stream during less active hours (such as early in the morning, late at night, etc.). During the research, they discovered that video quality and speed greatly increased during hours when fewer individuals were logged in and watching.


Wouldn’t it be humiliating to pay for HD streaming but never use it? Many Netflix users overlook their streaming device settings; simply go to to ensure you’re always set up for HD viewing. WARNING: If you like to watch Breaking Bad outside of Wi-Fi zones, this can deplete your data plan significantly.

15. Get new features first

Netflix is constantly adding new features, and you can get them first by altering one simple configuration. Select Test Participation from your Account menu. Toggle this to ‘On’ to gain access to Netflix’s beta features before they’re made available to the rest of the world.

The majority of the modifications are minor, but almost all are intended to improve and simplify your viewing experience, so it’s definitely worth your time to participate.


If you’ve read this entire tutorial, you’ve learned almost everything there is to know about Netflix. You may now use the world’s largest streaming service to its full potential, including all of its original content that has the world talking.

To summarize, Netflix has been incredibly successful in maturing and developing over time in order to respond to changing client needs.