Making money online with GTA 5 (2021 Fast Guide)

Now that everyone on PC can get started with GTA 5 for free, there will undoubtedly be a lot of new gamers in GTA 5 wondering how making money online with GTA 5. That also means that all those newcomers will be behind quite a bit (financially). Not really nice when you know that the coolest items will cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a lot of “get rich quick” scenarios in GTA Online. In this 2021 Fats Guide We would like to list them for you.

Time Trials

We start with tips for the speed devils. In GTA Online you can participate in many races or take a shot at the fastest time on a certain route. It is of course important that you have a fast car or motorcycle, and that you can handle that thing well.

Time Trials in themselves are the easiest way making money online with GTA 5. Just ride to one of the purple stopwatches in the world and start your ride. Your only goal is to drive from point A to point B as quickly as possible, following the path you choose. There are no checkpoints along the way, so if you know the shortcuts well, you can easily set fast times. You can also start over undisturbed, without it costing you money.

If you manage to beat the time, you will receive $ 50,000 deposited into your account. You can only earn that once per Time Trial, but luckily new ones are available every week.

GTA 5 Races

In GTA Online you can also participate in a lot of races that can earn you some money. The fastest way to cash out big is through the Premium Races. Those races have a maximum of 8 participants, who must each dock $ 20,000 to enter. You need to finish in at least third place to recoup your investment, so the Premium Races aren’t for everyone, but if you win, you’ll end up with $ 80,000. So it is up to you to decide whether you are good enough.

Making Money online with GTA 5 Daily Objectives

Every day in GTA Online you can successfully complete large and small objectives, although you must first level up to rank 15. Once you have succeeded, you can bring in about $ 1.5 million every 28 days.

It is important that you really get started with the game every day, because you get substantial bonuses if you fulfill the daily objectives for seven or 28 days in a row. If you do that seven days in a row, you will receive an extra $ 100,000. If you do it for 28 days in a row, it will even be a bonus of $ 500,000. Following a consistent game pattern will start you making money online with GTA 5

Do some VIP work in GTA5

Via SecuroServ you can start an organization in GTA Online to become a VIP, after which you can perform some extra jobs to raise money. The missions are generally fairly short and have a nice return. If you put in some time, you can make about $ 150,000 every hour. Not the biggest sum, but a handy way to get busy while waiting for other, bigger missions. Moreover, as a VIP you can also immediately earn some extra cash in other ways.

Air Freight Cargo

If you’ve already collected a little money, you may need to invest it in a hangar for an airplane and some cargo. Then you can complete missions to get some cargo to your hangar, which you can then sell again.

It is important that you always aim for the same type of cargo, because even then you will receive a hefty bonus. If you really want to make the big bucks, you will probably need some friends to bring in and sell more cargo, but if you succeed, you can earn up to $ 150,000 an hour.

Special Cargo & Vehicle Cargo

The goal is very simple here too. Go pick up some special cargo or steal a vehicle and then sell it all from your department store. If you are going to steal a car, make sure you do not completely smash it, because the less damage, the more money you get for it.

Both types of cargo will run you anywhere from $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 an hour, if you manage to wrap it all up properly. With special cargo it goes faster if you get more cargo in one go, but then you also run more risk that things will go wrong.

When stealing vehicles, you need to get 10 standard and 10 mid-range vehicles in your possession as soon as possible, because after that you always have to steal a top range vehicle and they bring in the most money. Then you only sell the latter, so that you always manage to get the most money in and do not have to look for the cheap junk again.


Just like with the cargo missions, you also have to invest a little while with gun-running, this time in a bunker. If you have that bunker, you can look for supplies to make weapons. You can steal those supplies yourself or you can just buy them. The latter costs you some money, but it saves you a lot of time, so that you can earn money elsewhere.

Once you have the necessary supplies you can put your organization to work to make weapons, which you can then quickly sell. The handy thing is that you don’t have to pay too much attention to it yourself, so you can earn up to $ 80,000 without your own work. Gunrunning is definitely something that you should keep running in the background so that there is a constant stream of income.

Motorcycle Clubs

Another way to make some money while not actually doing anything is to start your own motorcycle club. The system is quite similar to that of gunrunning, where you first have to have supplies, then convert them to the right material, which you can then sell again.

Instead of a bunker, you do need a clubhouse and a motorcycle business here. The most profitable business is cocaine trading, which can get you close to gunrunning, but other things also pay off.

Nightclubs in GTA5

If you already have different businesses, you might also be able to start with Nightclubs. They earn less than gunrunning or the motorcycle clubs, but if you really don’t know what to do anymore, you can always add them to your arsenal. They ensure that you can earn that little bit extra again, without you really having to invest time.

GTA 5 Heists

For heists (the big robbery missions in the game) you really need three other friends. The better your team, the faster you can go through the heists and the more money you can bring in per hour. The best heists, such as the Pacific Standard Heist, are more profitable than any other business model.
If you have a facility you can start the Doomsday Heist, you have to do some setups first, but when you have finished you can do the real heist with which you can start making money online with GTA, 800k per heist which you can divide between 2 to and with 4 people.

The host has to pay the first sum to start the heist and that he does not earn anything from all the small missions that bring you to the end of the heist. So make sure that you as a host get a larger share of the cake at the end, so that everyone stays happy.

Double Money Events

Rockstar comes up more than once with events that double your earned money. So keep a close eye on that, so that you can do the right events on time to earn extra money faster. Sometimes even the income from your gunrunning etc. is doubled, so the more business you already have and the more events you participate in regularly, the greater the chance that you will occasionally win twice as much.

Freemode events

GTA5 Freemode events are fun ways to make money, for example you have to do the longest wheelie in the lobby, there is one every 15 minutes so you can do other things in between if you win an event you can get 10k.

Shark cards in GTA5

You can buy shark cards with which you can get quite a lot of money, it is best to buy these when you are just starting with GTA 5 because then you have a good head start.


Apart from cheats and exploits, GTA Online offers players a lot of ways to earn (a lot of) money, some more actively than others. Finding a good balance is often the best solution to have a nice, constant stream of income and enjoy the game with friends at the same time.

Do you have any good tips to get some money in GTA Online?

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