15 Great Ways to Making Money Online With Google

15 Great Ways to Make Money Online With Google

The interesting thing about making money online with Google is that it can sound funny or just a good joke until you meet someone who makes millions and you regret why you never started early. As a fact, thousands of people make money online with Google and you too can join them.

What Are The Best Ways of Making Money Online With Google?

Eager to start making money online with Google? Then read to the end to discover 15 great ways that you can use now to make extra money. Just pick one or a few and get down to work. The money will come.   

Can You Make Money Online Through SEO, Website Management, and Content Publishers?

These are some of the hottest ways to make money online with Google. All you need is to commit to learning the core skills, become very good at it and excellent opportunities will start coming your way.

Freelance Writing

If you are a content writer and can create quality content on different topics, then you can put this skill into use and start making extra money online with Google. A  simple search on search engines or job boards will bring up numerous freelance writing job opportunities for freelance writers. 

Many businesses and organizations are always looking for good content to publish on their websites and Google will help you find these jobs and make extra cash. So please utilize your good experience of writing to earn. 

Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword tool enables you to know what people are searching for online. This is a great SEO strategy because by knowing what people are interested in, then you are able to create the right content to fulfill their needs. Once your content meets their needs, they will come to your website and spend time there reading your content. Having many people on your website sets the stage to make money. 

Choose a content vertical that matches what people are searching for, Google rewards you by  ranking your website at the top of search results. Having content that ranks top on Google is like having a license to print money because whichever way you choose to monetize it will make you a lot of money. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing enables you to make money from your content by recommending a product or a service through a link inserted within the content on your website. Every time a person clicks on the link and ends up buying the product or service, you are paid a commission by the company that sells that product. 

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to create great online content that ranks highly in Google search results so that people find it when searching for relevant products/services to buy. 

Many companies have affiliate programs as part of their marketing strategies, for example, Amazon Associates. For your monetization strategy, search for an affiliate company with programs that pay well and promote products that are related to your content.


Google AdSense is a program by Google that enables publishers of content to make money by displaying advertisements on their websites or blogs. The way it works is really simple: Each time a user clicks or views an ad, the publisher earns money. 

All you need to do is choose a niche, set up a website, create great content, publish it on the website, give it a month or two to start getting some reasonable audience, apply for Google AdSense and start making money online with Google. Build on realistic strategies to stand a good chance of making good money.

Help Business Owners to Rank High on Google

Another smart strategy you can start making additional money online with Google is by helping others to make money with Google. There are several ways you can help and get paid, including offering highly sought services such as digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Start by learning these skills, specialize in one that you love most, advertise yourself as an expert, and soon you will have businesses willing to pay you to help them rank highly on Google so that their businesses can thrive. 

How Can You Make Money By Using Podcast and Vlogs?

This is perhaps the best time to make money online via podcasts and vlogs as trends show that more and more people now love to watch videos or listen to podcasts. These couple of approaches will get you started. 

Make Podcasts

Podcast is just a nice word that means talking or audio content. If you can talk and be good at it, then don’t let that valuable talent go to waste. Podcasting through podcast platforms is your real chance to be a radio host without hunting for a career job, and make good money while at it.

How do you make money through podcasts? Simple. Record your podcasts and post them on Google Play. You will need to spend some time understanding how Google Play works with podcasts and the available monetization options.

Create a YouTube Channel

Thousands of YouTubers are already using their channels to make money. A YouTube channel takes just a few minutes to set up and smart work to turn it to a super online income stream. Next is to create insightful videos, upload them to your channel, and allow Google to show advertisements on your videos. 

If your videos are great, you will soon have many subscribers who come regularly to watch the videos and yearn for more. The more subscribers come and the more they watch your videos, the more money rolls into your account. 

How Can You Make Money Online Through Career Oriented Work?

Maybe you want to make make money online  by building a solid career through your professional or skills you have acquired over time. Here are two ways to help you get started. 


If you are good at some niche and you can teach like a pro, then this is a valuable gift you can utilize and start making money online with Google. Even if you do not have the resources to create a great website for your teaching business, you can start by creating lessons and post them to YouTube.

People will come to learn from your video courses and Google will pay you by displaying relevant adverts on your videos. Enhance your skills by joining an online community of successful teachers. 

Become a Consultant

Yes, this is absolutely possible and there are good materials online on how to become a successful freelance consultant. You too can!  A consultant is a person who gets paid for their knowledge in a certain field. If you have specialty-level knowledge in a given field, you can use Google to promote your specialty through Google AdWords and get paid to advise businesses or even individuals.

Some of the fields where you can quickly thrive as a consultant include accounting, law, architecture, communications, and business among others. Start by creating a website and publish a content category that will help you to attract paying customers.  You can also advertise your services through Google AdWords advertising platform. 

Which Ways Can You Make Money Online With Google Related Careers?

There are various ways you can se to make money online by taking advantage of Google-related careers. This is a great way to build your profile and position yourself for even greater opportunities in the future. 

Google Maps

While Google does not have a program for users to earn directly by contributing to Google Maps, you can use Google Maps to make money indirectly as a local guide. Every time you contribute to Google maps by reviewing places, rating, adding photos, etc., you get points, and your level increases as an expert.

By being a Google recognized expert, people who need services within your local area will trust you and pay you whenever they need your services. 

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a payment service by Google that is used by website owners to receive payments from their customers. While you will not make money directly with Google checkout, using it earns you a badge of trust among your potential customers and increases your chances of selling to them. 

Online buyers trust Google checkout and will be comfortable taking out their cards to pay you. If you are selling something online and would like to use Google to make money, then use Google Checkout to process your payments. 

Making Money Online With Google Remote Careers

Google is a massive company that is always looking for talent to work on various assignments. Google has a dedicated page for remote careers where you can explore opportunities you are likely to qualify for. 

You will be amazed to find so many job openings that will enable you to work for Google remotely and make money from the comfort of your home while working for one of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations. 

Sell Apps With Google

If you have a good idea of an app that you can create, one that people will find useful for their various needs, then don’t just dream about it. Get down to work immediately, make that app or hire a developer to make it and use Google Play to sell it.

Of course, you will have to create your merchant account at Google Wallet then go ahead and publish the app. If the app is great, soon you will start making money from your idea.

Google Opinion Rewards 

If you love giving opinions, then Google will pay you through its Google opinion rewards program. To start, just head over to Google Play Store, download the app, install it on your phone and start answering surveys during your free time. 

Some rewards can go up to one dollar per survey depending on the topic. If you can dedicate sufficient time, then this is a great way to start making money online with google. 


Did you enjoy discovering the various online revenue strategies you can use to start making money online with Google? Please remember that the trick is to pick one or a couple of tips and create a long-term strategy. Making money online is worth billions of dollars and presents a great chance to make passive income. 

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