Making Money Online – GTA 5 Tips and Tricks

Making Money Online - GTA 5 Tips and Tricks

Trying to figure out how to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online? Since its release, the price and quantity of automobiles, guns, clothing, and other items available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto Online has skyrocketed. The quantity of money that can be made, on the other hand, has increased.

I’ve compiled a list of the greatest ways to make money (legally) to assist you in understanding what can be a confusing and messy process at times. I’ll start with a fast beginner’s guide before going over each of the major money-making tactics in detail.

How To Make Money Fast In GTA Online?

Learning how to make double money week quickly in GTA Online, as well as all of the other ways to gain more money, is an important aspect of climbing the ranks. Being a huge crime lord requires a lot of money, and you’ll struggle to set up and operate your numerous criminal enterprises in GTA Online if you don’t have enough money, whether it’s buying new properties or vehicles to start a business.

You could obviously buy a GTA Online Shark Card to get a large amount of GTA dollars, but you shouldn’t have to spend real money if you know how to get them in-game.

When it comes to learning how to make money fast in GTA Online, there are numerous alternatives accessible. Whether it’s operating nightclubs, trading arms, or doing something altogether new, there’s a way for how to make money fast in GTA Online that will work best for you.

What Should I Buy First To Make Money In GTA?

The key to making money now is the Cayo Perico Heist. So for new players, the point is to raise the $ 2.2 million needed to buy the Kosatka submarine that unlocks it. Search the GTA wiki for the names of everything mentioned below to learn more.

  • Get the Kosatka assault rifle and then complete the Cayo Perico Heist.
  • The first few jobs may be slow, but soon you will have the ability to buy better weapons for instance. So your suggestion about prioritizing the Sparrow helicopter is a good idea – this should allow you to collect the loot in no time at all. 
  • From this point on it’s a continuous cycle of improving your skills and getting better items to help you do the Cayo Perico heist quicker. You can make upwards of $1.5 million an hour!

What are the 8 easy ways to earn money online in GTA 5?

1. Heists

Method: Go to your high-end apartment’s heist planning area and pick a heist to begin. To begin the robbery as the host, you’ll have to pay a fee in advance. Invite three buddies to help you complete the setup objectives and finale. It’s best to tackle this with a group of four people because communication and ability are essential to cut down on time, and there are various tutorials online for each mission.

For example, the most popular “Pacific Standard heist” costs about $100,000 to set up. You and your pals can make $500,000 (Easy difficulty), $1 Million (Medium difficulty), and $1.25 Million if you complete the job efficiently (Hard difficulty).

2. Vehicle & Special Cargo

Of course, you’d have to be a CEO and possess a warehouse and office to make money from special and vehicular freight. Cargo, on the other hand, is one of the quickest methods to make money in GTA Online. Special Cargo allows players to effortlessly earn $300,000-$500,000 each hour. Furthermore, you can take care of Cargo in between huge heists.

Things will get quite straightforward once you get started with Special and Vehicle Cargo. For example, you’ll have to keep stolen vehicles in your warehouse for Vehicle Cargo. Then you must sell these vehicles to keep the business afloat.

3. Gunrunning/Motorcycle Club

Players can start trafficking in arms after purchasing a bunker in the gunrunning business. To begin trading, players must first register as a CEO or VIP. Furthermore, this company allows gamers to purchase Mobile Operations Centers, which are used to store vehicles. The same facility is also used to develop and upgrade vehicles and weaponry. 

Buy a GTA Online Gunrunning Bunker or Biker Club and Cocaine Shop to maximize your profits using these passive methods. Buy or steal supplies for your business and you’ll turn those supplies into products that you can sell for a profit when you’re ready.

4. VIP Work

If you enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto Online for long periods, a VIP job could be one of the finest methods to make money. You can locate VIP jobs from the interaction menu once you’ve enrolled as a VIP or CEO. Players can participate in VIP work through invite-only sessions, unlike Special and Vehicle Cargo. However, completing various co-op jobs in free mode is one of the most straightforward ways to get money in GTA Online in 2021.

5. Time Trials

GTA 5 Online has time trials as part of the free mode. The idea is to compete in short races and win to get money and fame. Time Trials are rather easy to come by in GTA 5 online when compared to other ways to make money. Furthermore, if you win a race, you may be awarded an amazing sum of $50,000. So, if you’re skilled at driving in GTA 5, Time Trials is one of the quickest methods to get money in GTA Online.

6. Diamond Casino Heist

Potential Profit: $400k per hour
Arcade (minimum cost: $1.2 million), organization member (VIP/CEO), and 1-3 friends

Method: Complete the needed setup missions after purchasing the Arcade. Then, using the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, create an organization as a VIP or CEO, and begin the heist from the planning board within your Arcade. 

Tip: Completing the heist with the minimum number of people required to get all the loot is usually the most profitable. For art that’s two people, but the rest are three. The simplest option is to go to Big Con because you can easily get in and out. When escaping, try to hijack a helicopter or enter nearby tunnels to escape authorities more simply and fast.

7. Cayo Perico Heist

Potential Profit: $1.5 million per hour

Method: Go to the casino’s Music Locker and meet Miguel Madrazo. Following that, you’ll be able to buy the Kosatka Submarine. From the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, start an organization as a VIP or CEO, then go to your Kosatka and start the heist from the planning board. You’ll need to acquire information on the island, accomplish various preparation missions, and then do the theft.

Tip: Everything may be done alone and in a private lobby, unlike other heists. It’s also more beneficial to do it alone most of the time, and the potential profits per hour dwarf any other money-making approach in the game. If you start your next heist within 48 minutes after finishing the last one, it will be set to hard difficulty and you will receive a 10% bonus.

8. Premium Races

Possible win: $ 80k per race 
Prerequisites: A fast car/bike, good racing skills

Method: Drive to the location of the premium race which is a golden stunt wheel on the map, or mouse over and start work from the card. When the lobby fills up with eight other players, $ 20,000 will be debited from your bank account. 

Tip: Premium races change every week and are a gamble as it can take time to fill a lobby and there are no guarantees that you will win any money. However, if you have racing experience, are familiar with this week’s stunt race, and have a good car (if you still don’t know which car to use beforehand, you’re not ready for the premium race yet), then you can be quite lucrative.

Social Club

Rockstar Games’ Social Club is an online multiplayer game. It was first used in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption in 2008. It received an upgrade a month before Max Payne 3 was released, allowing you to use the online mode, Crews, which would be available and a feature in Grand Theft Auto V. (Grand Theft Auto Online). Crews are where you join up with a group of players to earn and unlock goals together.

How To Turn Passive Mode On And Off?

For those unfamiliar with GTA Online’s Passive Mode, it allows you to explore the game’s world and missions without fear of being hit by other players looking to ruin your experience.

Passive Mode in GTA Online is simple to enable and deactivate if you want to show these irritating gamers who’s boss.

It’s as simple as going to the Interaction Menu, selecting Passive Mode, and turning it on or off.

It’s the price of freedom in GTA Online, but we’re delighted Rockstar Games implemented Passive Mode, even if we’d prefer if they addressed the trolls that kill novice players.

What Are The Top Earning Businesses To Run?

1) Vehicle Warehouse

Players can earn supercars and special vehicles in GTA 5 by completing source tasks. In GTA Online, exporting vehicles is one of the most lucrative enterprises, with payouts in the millions depending on how hard people grind.

From the source task, players can obtain up to ten cars of the same type and sell them all for a profit. Once you’ve obtained these high-end vehicles, you can store them in your vehicle warehouse. The larger the warehouse, the more automobiles it can accommodate, which means more money.

2) Bunker Business

The Bunker Industry is what GTA Online veterans refer to as the weaponry and ammo business that takes place in the dark. While it is one of the riskier enterprises, with the potential for players to get caught and lose everything, it also provides one of the largest payouts of any of the GTA Online businesses.

The successful GTA Online business may help players make up to $1 million from a full bar of weapon stock if they run their bunker correctly. If you repeat this process several times, the payoff can reach millions of dollars, even if the players spend their money on the stock rather than stealing it to reduce the risk.

3) Coke Lock Up

Coke Lock Ups demand a significant investment in GTA Online, but if players work their way up and increase their delivery, it may be a lucrative company in GTA Online, particularly if they have exhausted all other choices.

The gamer can purchase an MC Clubhouse and a coke lock up depending on their financial situation. The supply will be prepared by the employees in the lock-up, and players will be able to sell it for a profit.

4) Warehouse

The warehouse is another successful business in GTA Online, and the best part is that it may be handled by people alone. All they have to do is purchase a warehouse, expand it with the help of friends to hold the greatest number of boxes and sell as much as they can to earn up to $2.2 million.

5) Arcade

In GTA Online 2021, the arcade is without a doubt the best business to run. Not only does it provide participants with a $50,000 passive income that continues to grow without them having to work hard, but it also allows them to participate in the Diamond Casino Heist, which they can complete and earn up to $3.6 million.

Which high-end apartments should you own in GTA Online?

1) Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7

At $ 200,000 high-end apartment, this is the most affordable high-end apartment in GTA Online. It is located very close to the Lombank West office tower, one of the best offices in the game that can be seen from the apartment. The apartment is also very close to Morningwood Cocaine Lockup, one of the MC stores that the player can purchase.

2) 3 Alta Street Tower, Apartment 10

At $ 217,000, Apartment 10 is cheaper than the two options for 3 Alta Street Tower. Its location on Calle Alta in downtown Los Santos gives the player quick access to the airport. There is also a train station in front of the apartment. An underground tunnel right in front of the apartment is very useful for players who need a quick escape.

3) Tinsel Towers, Apartment 42

It’s the most expensive of all the Tinsel Towers apartments at $ 492,000, but the Los Santos views these apartment offers are definitely worth it.

The modernized interior of the apartment is also very pleasing to the eye. It also has an efficient design that makes it easy to move around the interior. For players looking for an aesthetically pleasing apartment for less than $ 500,000, this is the best option available.

What are the GTA 5 delivery missions?

1. Roboi’s Food Mart

The Roboi’s Food Mart for courier missions is located near Pershing Square and the Los Santos Conference Center in Commerce, Los Santos. By hopping on the BMX, you can start the quests. After completing the objectives, the company earns $2,000 every day. The delivery mission are accessible right at the start of the game.

2. Hippy Shopper

San Fierro, Queens, is home to the Hippy Shopper for delivery mission. Getting onto the Freeway initiates the missions. After completing the objectives, the company earns $2,000 every day. They become available upon the completion of the task The Green Sabre.

3. Burger Shot

Redsands East is home to the Burger Shot for delivery mission. By boarding the Faggio, you can begin the missions. After completing the objectives, the company earns $2,000 every day. At the start of the game, a mission is offered, however it only has four stars. [1] After completing the assignment, Las Venturas becomes available. 

What Is Karin Kuruma?

The Karin Kuruma is a four door Sports car available in the GTA Online Heists Update. The overall shape and front fascia of the car seems to be based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X while the rear end is based on a 2015 Subaru WRX STI. It is available in both the normal version and the armored version.

The Karin Kuruma has six gears, a top speed of 147 mph, and weighs 2866 pounds, according to It also has 4WD and is quite nimble. Even if the player already has a Turbo, he or she can add another for substantially faster acceleration.

Because of the car’s lightweight frame, it has a tendency to lift onto two wheels and even overturn during abrupt, high-speed corners. In terms of top speed, the Sultan is slightly faster.

Armored Kuruma 

The Karin Kuruma (Armored Vehicle) is an armored Kuruma version. It was included in the Heists Update for GTA Online.

The armor on this vehicle is identical to that of the Imponte Duke O’Death. It appears in the Fleeca Job – Kuruma heist setup and as the getaway vehicle in The Fleeca Job. The performance differs slightly from that of the standard Kuruma. It has the same characteristics as a regular Kuruma, but because to its bulletproof windows, it is significantly more resistant to collisions and bullets.

Who Are The GTA 6 Contact Missions?

1) Lamar Davis

  • Mail Or Nothing – Rank 1
  • Hold Up – Rank 1
  • Ballas to The Wall – Rank 5
  • Community Outreach – Rank 5
  • Slow and Low – Rank 5
  • It’s a G Thing – Rank 5
  • Funeral Party – Rank 5
  • Point and Shoot – Rank 5
  • Desperate Times Call For… – Rank 5
  • Peace Offerings – Rank 5
  • San Andreas Seoul – Rank 16
  • Ticket to Elysium – Rank 18
  • Going Down the GOH – Rank 20
  • Caught Napping – Rank 20
  • Lost MC RIP – Rank 25
  • No Smoking – Rank 30

2) Gerald

  • Learning the Ropes Alone – Rank 1
  • Learning the Ropes – Rank 1
  • Pier Pressure – Rank 6
  • Death Metal – Rank 6
  • Deal Breaker – Rank 6
  • Meth’d Up – Rank 7
  • No Hay Bronca – Rank 8
  • Hit ‘Em Up – Rank 10
  • Gassed Up – Rank 12
  • Violent Duct – Rank 15
  • Hard Labor – Rank 19
  • War and Pieces – Rank 30
  • Chumash and Grab – Rank 35
  • Dish the Dirt – Rank 45

3) Simeon Yetarian

  • Repo: Blow Up IV – Rank 1
  • Repo: Burn Rate – Rank 1
  • Repo: GTA Today – Rank 1
  • Repo: RV Nearly There? – Rank 1
  • Repo: Sasquashed – Rank 1
  • Repo: Simeonomics – Rank 1
  • Repo: Under the Hammer – Rank 1
  • Where Credit’s Due – Rank 5
  • Rockford Roll – Rank 5
  • Rich Men in Richman – Rank 5
  • Chasers – Rank 5
  • It Takes a Thief – Rank 5
  • Gentry Does It – Rank 10
  • All in the Game – Rank 10
  • El Burro Heists – Rank 10
  • Blow Up – Rank 12
  • GTA Today – 12
  • Chasers II – Rank 16
  • Blow Up II – Rank 20
  • Blow Up III – Rank 31


That’s it; these are the greatest ways to get money quickly in GTA 5 Online. Of course, there are more ways to make money in GTA Online. The ones on the list, on the other hand, are more profitable. Making millions in GTA Online is difficult, so if you want to live a wealthy virtual life in the game, you’d better get to work.

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