10 ways how to Earn Money Without paying anything. (in 2021)

How to earn money without paying anything?

How to Earn Money Without Investment? Learn to improve your life how in 10 tips,

If you think about it long enough, you will see that in some cases making money is quite a paradox. Everyone wants to make money, but few people want to put a lot of time or money into this. You will always have to put in time, so many try to find jobs where you have to put as little money as possible.

Before I go any further, it is important to say that virtually no job requires no money at all. In principle, you will always have to put in something. But below I have outlined 9 ways where you hardly have to spend anything and still make money. Moreover, you can do almost all of them from home, so that’s a bonus.

Making money way 1: Blogging

Perhaps the most popular and best-known form of making money without input. Moreover, if you land well, you can write your blogs about topics you like, so the work is also fun to do. You can get your own section at existing websites or blogs, or start your own blog website.

Perhaps it is useful not to start completely for yourself, because you can sometimes have trouble attracting an audience. When you are familiar with a certain audience, you can make the switch (or start) with your own blog.

Payment through the existing websites is per blog, and the blogs of your own page can be made paid so that people have to put down a small amount to read them. But the best way, and you will probably see it more here, is by placing advertisements on your blogs. You get paid for it every time people click on those ads.

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Making money way 2: Freelancing

Something you can also do is freelance. So when blogging you write about things you like, you make it your profession when you do freelancing. Web design, advice, photography, making videos, you name it. You work on your own schedule and are busy with what you are good at (and hopefully what you enjoy). Because of that work you get paid from the customer. You can find jobs and get your own profile on platforms like upwork, freelancer, …

Those customers are usually temporary, so you are not tied to anything. By the way, it is important to emphasize that you do need some skill before you get started. Nice to say that you are a master of web design while you are already struggling to format your Word document is not going to get you anywhere.

Making Money Way 3: Write Online

Many websites often require new content to be written to keep the site up to date and to keep attracting people. But many companies also specialize in writing pieces of text for websites and regularly look for new staff. With the pieces of text you can think of writing an informative article or advertising texts.

So just make sure you have a little bit of writing skills so that companies or websites want you. If you don’t have that, that is of course not a disaster, you can often simply go on the internet for no money and search for useful tips and tricks to write a nice piece. Informational blogs are often a good starting point.

do not invest 2
Earning money way 4: Trial shopper
This is a somewhat less known and less accessible job, but some chains or stores first want to know whether their product is good or works. That is why they often first look for test subjects to test those products. They can do this at panels, but there are also online groups that offer this type of work.

So you can join one of those groups or panels, and thus become a trial shopper. You will usually receive the product at home, after which you will be asked to try it out for a certain period of time. Then they ask for your opinion and you get paid for your services.

To be more detailed: no, you do not have to pay for those products yourself. Often they are oo

I’m not quite finished yet, so you’re a kind of beta tester. Sometimes it can mean that you have to go somewhere to test the product. You may even have to check the rooms for a hotel chain. Then you have to be there of course.

But I have to say again that this is often a market where the supply of testers often exceeds the demand for them. So it is an area that is difficult to enter, but an area that rewards.

Making money way 5: Affiliate jobs
Affiliate jobs mean that you are going to promote a certain brand, be it on your own website or at other sites. The brands you promote pay you per sale that comes through your promotion. So, for example, for a brand like Gillette on your own site or a shaving site, you persuade people to buy new Gillette blades, they’ll pay you for those people you persuaded.

Of course that does not mean that you just have to advertise Gillette on every website, because 9 out of 10 times there is an affiliate program that you have to sign up for. When you have registered for this, you can get started right away.

Earning money in addition to other jobs
The following tips are often ways in which you only have to do very little per day, but of course you don’t get paid much for it either. From now on you should therefore no longer really see it as a job, but as a kind of mini-part-time job where you quickly fill in, read or view something and earn some money quickly.

So you can earn a nice pocket money with this in addition to other ways to earn money, and they are therefore also easy to combine. You can easily do all of the following from behind your computer, so convenience is also a nice side effect. For example, doing some tasks for 10 minutes every day, and you have made some money again.

do not invest 3
Making money way 6: Read advertisements
You can register at various websites where you are paid to read advertisements. It’s a great way, if you set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day, to earn some money quickly and easily. You will then get an account with those websites, and when you are logged in, you will see a list of advertisements from which to choose.

Sometimes you are paid per advertisement, but often you must have read a minimum number of advertisements before you are paid. But still, for about fifteen minutes of work that doesn’t really matter, does it?

Making money way 7: Micro jobs
In addition to reading advertisements, you can also sign up to do a small task every day or several times a week. Think of sharing a link, posting a comment, or watching a video. So you get paid for that.

Depending on what your job is and which website you are registered with, you may spend a little more time per day for this. Then think about an hour or two. Of course you also get paid more for this than reading advertisements, but again: you are more involved with it.

Making Money Way 8: Surveys
One of the best-known ways to earn some pocket money quickly is to complete surveys where you complete a single or a number of questionnaire (s) per day (or every few days) where your opinion is asked. Be careful with this, because because it is so well known, many websites are eager to scam people here. So look carefully before you get started.

Earning Money Way 9: Solving Captchas
In addition to surveys, advertisements, and micro jobs, you can also register with websites where you can solve captchas and get paid for them. If you have forgotten what a captcha is, below is a picture.

do not invest 4
Often times when you download things or create an account, you have to fix them. Creating an account in particular is sometimes an annoyance for companies. They often want to create large numbers of accounts on different websites, which they do through specialized software. But a captcha is precisely made to keep out computers and “prove you are a real person”. That’s why they often hire people to solve the captchas.

Making money way 10: YouTube
Just like with the Proefshopper, this is also a bit of a long shot. But that does not mean that you can earn a nice pocket money with YouTube depending on how many times your videos are viewed. If you want to earn money through YouTube, you have to remember and apply a number of things.

First, it will probably take a while before you make reasonable money with it. It is not the case that you earn € 0.50 per person who watched your video. The “big” “money will eventually come through advertising that you allow on your channel and movies. You can set your channel that, for example, Google can place advertisements with your videos, and then you get paid for the people that you then forward through your videos.

You can

also ensure that you are affiliated with a brand and promote it in your videos. In fact, that is also a kind of affiliate job in that way. A few more tips. First, use clickbait. Clickbait is when you adjust the title of your movie and the thumbnail (picture that you see next to the title that indicates your movie) in such a way that people feel attracted to the movie.

There are many different blogs, videos, etc where you can learn to apply this. Second, it is wise to let your videos last more than 10 minutes. From 10 minutes you can place more advertisements on your video, which increases your income. Now only get the views.

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