Best Meditation Cushion For A Balance Body And Mind

The purpose of a meditation cushion is to assist you in sitting securely and pleasantly throughout your meditation sessions. It’s less painful in this manner, allowing you to maintain your meditation. As a result, you need to select a seat height that is appropriate for you. Your height and flexibility will determine the cushion height. 

8 Great Ways To Improve Your Organizational Leadership Skills

Leadership, in the context of an organization, is the ability of an individual to influence the performance of others. Everyone in the organization has the potential to become a leader. Whether they are working in the store, production, or communications, their action and performance have a direct impact on those they interact with during work.  

Hypnotherapy: Definition, Techniques, and Powerful Efficacy

Cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy technique can be applied to a number of conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, anger management, bereavement, relationship challenges, low self-esteem issues, skin conditions, pain management. It can also be used to reduce challenges such as addiction to drugs such as smoking and alcohol, and even weight gain. 

A Helpful Guide To Psychedelics and Microdosing

Microdosing involves taking tiny dosages of psychoactive drugs to obtain intended positive outcomes while avoiding the negative physiological consequences associated with the drugs. In news articles, a wide variety of people, particularly IT professionals in Silicon Valley, claim that microdosing offers many benefits, including enhanced attention and increased flow states. 

What Is An Empath – 17 Traits and Signs

One trait of empaths is that they are easily distracted despite how concentrated they are in life. They see all of life’s bright things, as well as its dark edges. Empaths understand those things draw their attention for a reason and must be addressed. A survey showed that  15-20% of the world’s population is sensitive. 

23 Awesome Wearable Tech And Medical Devices Companies & Startups

Wearable technologies, commonly referred to as “wearables,” are gadgets worn by people to track, analyze, and communicate personal data. The wearable technology industry earned about 3.09 billion dollars in 2018 alone, and it has been reported that at least 30 million people buy a wearable technology product every 12 months.