How to Increase Your Red Blood Cell Count – 11 Different Ways

Red blood cells are essential to blood cells that assist in delivering oxygen from the lungs to all other bodily tissues. Several reasons can contribute to a low red blood cell count. However, there are some ways to boost the number of red blood cells in the blood.

How To Improve Blood Circulation – 13 Ways to Boost Poor Blood Flow

When the body lacks enough water, it gets dehydrated and as you might know, dehydration is one of the major causes of poor blood circulation. There is no way your blood circulation will be optimal if you don’t take enough water, and there is no alternative to water so you just have to take enough.

11 Tips On How To Increase Platelet Count Safely

Platelets are an essential component of human blood. They are primarily in charge of tissue repair, blood clotting, and wound healing. If your platelet count is slightly or severely low, see a nutritionist or a doctor before making any dietary changes.

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