What is a therapedic mattress?

Any mattress designed to provide relief from back pain discomfort can be considered a therapeutic or therapedic mattress. This type of mattress is also designed to provide good spine alignment and optimal support. Some types of therapeutic mattresses are electronically powered, some offer manual controls for various adjustments, while others are non-adjustable. Many hospital beds use adjustable therapeutic mattresses. For home use, the memory foam or latex mattress is very popular.

People who lie in bed for long periods of time can suffer from bedsores due to being immobile. Patients requiring long-term hospital care or recovering at home can use a specially designed therapeutic mattress that can reduce the risk of bedsores. A therapeutic mattress can have extra padding to relieve pain as well.

A regular mattress may not relieve pressure points that often lead to poor circulation and painful joints. Many therapeutic mattresses are made with a polyurethane material called memory foam. Memory foam is thicker than the typical filler layers used for regular mattresses. The material used for a therapeutic mattress is also more resilient. When designed for therapeutic purposes, a memory foam mattress will adjust the curves of a person’s body and allow the spine to maintain a natural position.

Therapeutic bedding can also include mattress toppers made of memory foam or latex. A therapeutic mattress topper is placed on top of an existing mattress. The bed topper can provide extra support for an older mattress or make a very firm mattress feel softer and more comfortable.
While memory foam and natural latex foam are the most popular materials used for therapeutic mattresses, another option is something called a gel overlay mattress. The gel overlay mattress is usually placed on top of an existing mattress. It is often attached to a mattress with the help of straps or elastic. The support of an overlay topper is made possible by a gel bond that is compressed between the foam core and the outer liner.
Pressure-relieving bubble pads are sometimes used in the manufacture of therapeutic mattresses. Bubble-quilted mattresses often use different pressure control settings. Air chambers can be incorporated into this type of therapeutic mattress.

A powered therapeutic mattress usually has an automatic controller. This allows the user to control the placement of the mattress without getting out of bed. The electrically powered therapeutic mattress may have additional heat capability.