19 Best Anti-Snoring Aids – Reviews And Buyers Guide

Woman cant sleep with man snoring

Snoring is not only annoying, but it may also keep your companion awake at night. When the upper airway is obstructed, snoring occurs. The sound is produced by vibrating tissues (soft tissue) within the throat when the airway muscles relax during sleep. 

Additionally, around 40% of adult women, 57% adult males, and 27% toddlers are habitual snorers. Snoring can go on for many years, if not decades. The affected may not realize it until a friend or companion overhears it and tells them. 

What Causes Snoring?

Different factors such as obesity, extra skin, turbulent airflow,  poor quality of life,  low oxygen levels, harmful bacteria, fat around the throat, central sleep apnea, cold and allergy-related congestion can cause snoring. 

In addition, many individuals snore as a result of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most prevalent type, a sleep disorder characterized by brief pauses in breathing while sleeping. People with sleep apnea also experience daytime sleepiness. It can result in high blood pressure.

There are a variety of best anti-snoring aids that can assist in alleviating or eliminating symptoms.

Here is a real quick summary of our top five picks for best anti-sleeping aids;

Product NameOutstanding FeaturesPros and ConsWhere to Buy
MedCline WedgeBest overallCan be purchased with a health savings plan Adjustable memory foam Might be too large for shorter individuals Feels expensiveBuy from Amazon
Alayna Snorepin Latex-freeReduces symptoms of dry mouth Comes in different sizes May fall out when sleepingBuy from Amazon
Breathe Right Lavender Nasal StripsSoothing smellSoothing lavender scent Rests comfortably outside of the body Not reusable Only 10 per boxBuy from Amazon
VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece100% money-back guaranteeKeeps airway open Adjustable Can be intrusive Relatively large Buy from Amazon
FitPlus Bed Wedge Premium memory foamPremium memory foam Can be used for other sleep disorders such as acid reflux Cannot be suitable for back pain sufferers Feels expensiveBuy from Amazon

Factors Worth Considering When Shopping for Best Anti-Snoring Aids

Anti-snoring devices are increasingly popular as more people recognize the poor impact sleep has upon their health, daytime functioning, and work performance. So how do you choose one that works? Here are the factors to consider; 

Is this a MAD or a TRD device?

Choosing between MADs (Mandibular Advancement Device ) and TRDs (Tongue Retaining Device) is generally a matter of personal preference. To bear in mind that MADs are frequently modifiable, but TRDs are non-adjustable by definition.

How flexible is it?

Assuming the device is a MAD, the adjustment rate is critical; certain types can be changed by one millimeter while others do not. Some versions also have calibrators that show the current settings and may be restored to the original values if a readjustment is required.

What is the price of the device?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces may be found for as little as $100, while specialized devices can cost up to $2,000 or more.

Is it vital to have a personalized fit?

If so, a MAD — which adapts to the user’s teeth — will be more appropriate than a TRD that fits everyone.

Do you have dentures on your mouth?

Dentures are not compatible with MADs, while TRDs may be utilized with dentures.

Do you like to sleep breathing via your mouth?

MAD mouthpieces let users breathe normally via their mouths. Mouth-breathing is possible with some TRDs because of microscopic holes, while non-perforated variants may be difficult for mouth-breathers.

The 19 Best Anti-snoring Aids

Here is a list of aids that may be used in several ways. These include everything from simple sticky nasal strips to mouthpieces meant to pull the lower jaw forward and open the airway, to pillows that can help you reposition yourself on your side, where your airway is less constrained.

Keep in mind that these devices should only be explored after a sleep study performed by a healthcare expert has ruled out obstructive sleep apnea.

The best anti-snoring aids on the market are listed below;

1. MedCline Wedge and Body Pillow System

Because of the anatomy of the throat and the action of gravity, snoring is often louder and more frequent when resting on your back. As a result, research suggests that sleeping on your side is a healthier option.  

MedCline Wedge might help persuade you into a healthier sleeping posture if sleeping on your side doesn’t come easily to you. With a built-in wedge and room to slide your lower arm through, it produces an optimum, quiet sleeping posture. You, not your arm, will sleep well.


  • Can be purchased with a health savings plan
  • Adjustable memory foam 


  • Might be too large for shorter individuals
  • Expensive

2. Alayna Snorepin Anti-Snoring Aid 

This is designed to reduce snoring and enhance sleep quality. It contains small openings on the surface of the nose vent that allow airborne particles to be caught by nasal hair and prevent it from reaching the lungs.

It also alleviates dry mouth symptoms via dilation of the nostrils, allowing effortless nasal breathing all night. Because of its anatomic conical form, airflow is improved. The Snorepin is latex-free, dust-resistant, and dishwasher safe.


  • Reduces symptoms of dry mouth
  • Comes in different sizes


  • May fall out when sleeping

3. Breathe Right Lavender Nasal Strips

Breathe Right has been upgraded to be more powerful and soothing than the original nasal strips. These easy-to-use, disposable strips help to alleviate nasal congestion at night and promote improved breathing and sleep. In addition, the lavender smell is relaxing and supports comfortable sleep. 

The flexible, spring-like bands fit just above the flare of the nostrils and are adhered to the nose using 3M adhesive, ensuring that they stay in place and expand the nasal passageways. This lifting motion aids in the opening of inflamed nasal passages, making breathing easier and quieter.


  • Soothing lavender scent
  • Rests comfortably outside of the body


  • Not reusable
  • Only 10 per box

4. Banyan Botanicals Nasya Oil 

Nasya is an essential holistic self-care activity that helps internal purification, according to Ayurvedic tradition. It also helps to prevent snoring by lubricating the nasal passages and removing extra mucus from the sinuses.

It does this by combining the relaxing and hydrating properties of sesame oil with the calming properties of herbs. Brahmi,  skullcap, and calamus are also used to ease stress in the head, enhance voice quality, and promote mental clarity.


  • All-natural
  • Lubricating


  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Leaves a bitter flavor in the mouth

5. VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

When you bite down on the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Device, your jaw and tongue will be in the best positions for breathing. It improves respiration by holding your mouth and tongue forward.

For a comfortable and secure fit, you may change the jaw placement based on the severity of your snoring and set the custom-fitting tooth imprints. The gadget comes with a 60-night sleep trial and a full refund guarantee, 


  • Keeps airway open
  • Adjustable


  • Can be intrusive
  • Relatively large 

6. FitPlus Bed Wedge 

FitPlus Bed Wedge is soft and practical as it is a high-quality memory foam pillow. It gently lifts the head, which might result in a better position for unobstructed breathing for certain snorers, as seen by positive customer feedback.

It may help relieve back and neck discomfort and reduce acid reflux at the same time.


  • Premium memory foam
  • Can be used for other sleep disorders such as acid reflux


  • Cannot be suitable for back pain sufferers
  • Feels expensive

7. Evsfoex Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Evsfoex Anti-Snoring Chin Strap is composed of soft, flexible fabric that irritates the skin. It has a velcro strap that you may adjust to your preference, as well as slits on either side that protect the strap from bothering your ears.

Chin straps are an excellent option for persons who wear dentures or who typically snore through their mouth. A modest 2007 research found that chin straps like this one had positive results.


  • Breathable
  • Washable


  • Can be hot in the summer
  • Can take some time to get used to 

8. SnoreRx 

Mouth Guards are a popular approach to stop someone from snoring when creating a guttural, chesty sound. SnoreRx is an FDA-approved mandibular advancement device (MAD) that helps you stop snoring by shifting your lower jaw upwards to keep your airway open.

The flexible and fully configurable design of SnoreRx is what sets it apart. Because the substance makes an imprint on your teeth, everything should stay put. Similarly, the SnoreRx may be adjusted in one-millimeter increments to get the ideal fit.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Gentle on the jaw


  • No warranty
  • Only two custom impressions are allowed

9. ZQuiet

The hinged construction of the ZQuiet allows it to adapt to the user’s mouth, automatically. It removes the need to move the jaw forward, which might be helpful for people who have jaw discomfort while using traditional MADs.

The ZQuiet has two smaller and one larger setting to assist sleepers with different preferences.


  • Works effectively for those who suffer from chronic snoring
  • Dentists design the device


  • Not suitable for people with dentures
  • Not suitable for people with a tooth implant

10. AirSnore

AirSnore gadget is one of the most fantastic complete denture devices available.  You’ll receive a mouthguard and anti-snoring drops because the mouthguard keeps your dentures in place, keeps your tongue down, and adjusts your jaw to expand your airways. It can help you breathe easier. It’s ideal for folks who want a convenient oral gadget to keep them up at night. However, check with your dentist first.


  • Drops are made with organic extracts
  • Made in FDA-approved facilities 


  • Expensive without discounts
  • No warranty

11. Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore product is an excellent anti-snoring gadget that provides remedies for mouth breathers.

Good Morning’s snoring device uses tongue stabilization technology to assist open up your airways. To use the gadget, place the anti-snore component between your lips and front teeth. Then squeeze the bulb with your fingers while sucking the air out of the piece. Place your tongue within the bulb and the rest of the device comfortably in your mouth.

Cleaning the mouthpiece is a breeze. Clean it with warm water after use.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Easy to apply and maintain


  • Can’t help with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Takes some getting used to

12. Smart Nora

Smart Nora’s pillow insert is ideal for both back and side sleepers. Due to its adaptability, it may be used for thin, soft, firm, and even inflated pillows. It’s incredibly adaptable, the ideal answer for anyone who wants to stop snoring. It may be used with memory foam or down pillows.

Smart Nora’s name includes the word clever for a purpose. When the pillow detects snoring while you are sleeping, it will begin to move gently.  It isn’t enough to wake you up, but it is enough to get your throat muscles to resume their regular breathing pattern.


  • Innovative technology
  • Customizable


  • Not fit for stomach sleepers
  • Feels expensive

13. Lakona Nose clip

The Lakona anti-snoring device is a little clip-on gadget that uses therapeutic magnets and non-slip silicone to keep you from snoring. This item is packaged in a compact container to keep it clean and safe from harm. Because it’s meant to free up your nasal passageways, it’s an awesome anti-snoring gadget for the nose.

Clip it over your nose before going to bed to use the product. Because the clip is magnetic, the gadget is unlikely to slip off in the middle of the night.


  • Built-in magnets
  • Non-slip silicone


  • Some users find it uncomfortable
  • Can fall off during the night

14. SnoreCare

The nose vents from SnoreCare are FDA-approved and ergonomically intended to improve healthy airflow in people who suffer from nasal congestion. Because they construct it of medical-grade silicone, men, women, and children may use this anti-snoring gadget.

It’s a flexible silicone device that separates your nostrils and fits into your nose. To open up the nostrils, two little baskets fit well. 

Although the SnoreCare is simple to insert into the nose, specific devices may be too tiny or big for some persons. SnoreCare is available in four sizes to suit persons with tiny adenoids.


  • Made with medical-grade silicone
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Can fall out during the night
  • Uncomfortable to wear the first few times

15. Theravent Snore Therapy

Theravent Snore Therapy is ideal for chronic snorers. These strips have been clinically demonstrated to decrease or even eliminate snoring significantly.

Theravent snore treatment nose strips are adhesive straps that fit over your nostrils to help you stop snoring. The revolutionary MicroValve technology keeps you from snoring all night by letting air flow freely through the nasal passages.

The MicroValve partly shuts when you exhale, slowing your exhalation and promoting positive pressure in your throat. It is also known as EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) technology by Theravent.

These strips are simple to use and disposable, so you won’t have to worry about keeping them clean.


  • Clinically proven
  • No maintenance needed


  • Some users struggle to breathe
  • Might take some getting used to

16. Aveela

Aveela is a chin strap that is worn around the head and chin. This item is constructed of a smooth, stretchy fabric that won’t chafe your skin as you sleep. One of the best anti-snoring gadgets for CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) users is the Aveela chin strap. Aveela can be used with other devices like CPAP masks, nose vents, nasal pillows, and nasal pillows.

When your throat is weak, and your mouth tends to gape open as you sleep, causing you to snore, a chin strap is employed. The Aveela chin strap closes your lips and pushes your jaw forward to widen the space at the back of your throat as you sleep.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Opens up the throat airways during sleep


  • Expect some initial smell
  • Potential jaw discomfort when you wake up in the morning

17. VivaLife Bed Wedge Pillow

You wouldn’t believe how crucial your sleeping posture is when it comes to snoring, but it only takes a few nights with the appropriate pillow to see why.

This 10″ memory foam wedge pillow helps you sleep in a variety of ways: the gel memory foam cools you down, the quantity of comfort relieves discomfort, and, most significantly, snoring is eliminated.

VivaLife’s solution improves healthier ventilation, improved breathing, and blood circulation by elevating your upper body higher than traditional pillows. Relief from post-nasal drip, allergies, and coughing are some of the additional benefits you might expect.


  • Simple product
  • Useful also for daytime activities 


  • Not fit for stomach sleepers
  • Some adjustment period may be necessary

18. SnoreMeds

While you sleep, the SnoreMeds mouthpiece supports and slightly repositions your jaw, allowing air to flow freely through your airway. The MAD is a boil-and-bite design, which means it can be shaped to suit your jaw perfectly.

In addition to its moldability, the mouthpieces are available in two sizes for men and one for women. SnoreMeds mouthpieces are comprised of a BPA-free, latex-free thermoplastic that the FDA has authorized for medical usage.


  • Lower price- than many other MADs on the market
  • Reduced price in bulk


  • Non -adjustable
  • Expect some initial smell

19. AVEOtsd

AVEOtsd is a lightweight TRD manufactured of Down Corning Medical Grade silicone, which many sleepers prefer plastic since it is more comfortable and simpler to wear. Instead of moving the jaw forward, this device uses a mild suction mechanism to stabilize the tongue, keeping it firmly between the upper and lower teeth without creating discomfort or jaw pain.

To accommodate patients, three sizes are available: small, medium, and large. However, the majority find the medium to be the best fit. With 4mm and 7mm spacers, the AVEO may also be adjusted.


  • Universal fit


  • Prescription required
  • Non-adjustable


The MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge and Body Pillow System is the clear winner among these best anti-snoring devices. It promotes a comfortable, ideal resting position with a focus on comfort.  Remember to see a doctor about your snoring problems if you regularly wake up gasping for breath, are unable to get a comfortable night’s sleep, or if you’re pregnant since snoring might be a sign of a more severe problem.

It’s best to start by figuring out what’s causing your snoring. If you’re suffering from nasal congestion, a stuffy nose, or nasal obstructions, over-the-counter devices to free up your nasal passages might be the cost-effective option you’ve been looking for.

If it’s a blockage in your throat that causes your snoring, anti-snoring mouth guards or cushion may be the answer. Once you’ve determined the source of your snoring problems, there are a variety of over-the-counter remedies to try to resolve your snoring problem. Most of these aids have a low chance of failure because they may be returned if they don’t work for you.