6 Best Pheromones For Men: Colognes And Perfumes

Best Pheromone For Men: Colognes And Perfumes

Human pheromones are scents that are released naturally by the body. These scents ignite sexual attraction,  respect, and trust among other feelings from those around us.  

For men particularly, they are important for attracting women. It, therefore, follows that strong pheromones will easily attract women towards a man.  

How Strong Are The Natural Body Pheromones?

Yes, the body produces its own different types of pheromones. While every human being has their own natural pheromones that the body release on a regular basis, companies have found ways to manufacture even stronger pheromone perfumes and put them in a bottle! The good thing about these manufactured alternatives is that they are so strong that a single spray or dose can give you way more than your body can produce for the whole day. 

Why do you need more strong, powerful pheromones? Simple, you will enjoy more desire from women, more respect and trust from the people you relate to within your daily life. In other words, pheromone cologne and perfumes are the secret weapons for those who want to have their way in terms of human associations and especially where sexual or physical attraction is a factor.

Here is a table of a selection of the 6 best pheromones for men across different categories. Skin type is an important factor to bear in mind as you shop for your favorite pheromone perfume. The most effective pheromones are those that combine best with your body. 

ImageProduct NameLabelBest ForGet It Here
 PherazonePherazone for MenSexual AttractionBuy on Amazon
 True InstinctTRUE PHEROMONESSocial InteractionsBuy on Amazon
 RawChemistryFor HimConfidenceBuy on Amazon
 TRUE AlphaTrueAlphaTrust and RespectBuy on Amazon
 NexusNEXUS PHERMONESInstant ConnectionBuy on Amazon
 XiStXiStUnlocking Friend ZoneBuy XiSt

Should You Consider Scented or Unscented? 

Whether you are after physical attraction, sex pheromones, confidence, trust, or whichever your goal, it is always advisable to start with unscented before proceeding to the scented version. This is because each product comes with a variety of blends and it would be great to know how it smells before you can proceed to add some scent.  

You really don’t want to get a scented pheromone spray or oil then later discover you actually don’t like it that much and neither do the ladies you intend to attract.  

Must You Use Colognes and Perfumes?

Well, of course, it is not a must but then it is highly advisable that you consider using colognes and perfumes especially if you care about how the people around you perceive you.  As much as we might want to believe that we can go out all-natural with no additional feel-good, look-good boosters, the reality is that human beings are creatures of perceptions.  

For example, women’s decisions and actions towards men are highly influenced by what they see, hear, smell, suspect, imagine, predict, etc. You might be the most handsome man in the room for example, but this alone will not automatically earn you the most beautiful woman in the room. Sometimes you just need that extra spark that separates you from the masses.  

If you are the type that craves trust and respect from both men and women in society, then you must go the extra mile to achieve this. Colognes and perfumes will help you cover the extra mile and get ahead of those who have not discovered this secret.  

What Is The Difference Between Pheromone Sprays and Oils

Colognes and perfumes are available either as water-based products i.e. spray or oil products. Both will work perfectly well but there are a few differences worth taking note of. For instance,  sprays tend to last shorter because being water-based, they evaporate faster from the skin. Oils on the other hand will last longer as the oil does not evaporate that fast.  

Sprays require more doses for optimal effect compared to oils which don’t need many doses or applications. Oil-based pheromones have a much higher concentration of highly active ingredients in addition to having fewer filters. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pheromones for Men 

The market is awash with all sorts of products, but only a few might deliver the results you are looking for. Some might look really good in advertisements, promising all manner of effectiveness. But no, you have to be keen and understand the important stuff to look out for and test before you settle on a long-term option. 

Here are the most important items to consider before you settle on cologne or perfume for men. 

Scented or Unscented?

Any label comes largely as unscented or scented products. Unscented products have no trace of additional fragrances. Some manufactures tend to produce completely scentless products while others can have some level of musky fragrance. 

The advantage of going for scentless oils or sprays is that it gives you the freedom to go out with your natural scent. You can also choose to use the scentless product alongside your regular preferred scented cologne.  

Scented colognes on the other hand are quite effective for scent and they can as well be sufficient as a regular perfume. There is an abundance of fragrance options to choose from without changing the product’s main performance. Choong according to your personal preferences and the intended goal. 

What are the ingredients?

The effect on women is entirely dependent on the ingredients that have been used to come up with the product. Different ingredients achieve different results. One will increase your attractiveness to women while another will make women comfortable when around you.  

Here are some of the most common high-quality ingredients and what they achieve in your regular cologne: 


This hormone ignites secure feelings in women, naturally getting them to be attached to you without struggling.  


This elicits a good mood, and triggers sexual feelings or arousal especially when inhaled. So if this is the kind of thing you are looking to achieve, then you know what to do! 


This is a powerful steroidal hormone that is admired by men who want to stand out as alpha. It triggers attraction and confidence, the type of stuff that will drive women your way.  


This ingredient triggers instant love feelings, letting the woman feel that you are such a sweet, lovely guy who will always shower her with the kind of love that she craves.  


This hormone is thought to invoke a favorable view of women towards a man. They view you as very strong and youthful.  


This is commonly referred to as the icebreaker and as the name suggests, it breaks the barrier between you and the women you desire. The women around you will become receptive to your moves, giving you an easy pass.  

Think carefully about your end game then choose a cologne that contains the matching ingredients.   

How long does the effect last?

You want a product that will stay for long especially if you are going to spend a lot of time out there. Of course, there will be instances where you might want it to stay shorter especially if you are attending different events and you don’t want to remain with the same perfumes through all events. 

Oil-based pheromones tend to stay longer on the skin because they don’t evaporate faster, while water-based ones will not stay long because they evaporate faster. Depending on how long you want it to stay, choose wisely between oil-based and water-based. The good thing is that the effect will not change. 

Customer reviews

The performance history of a product will always be a great way to know its effectiveness. What better way to know how a certain product performs than hearing it from those who have already used it. Authentic customer reviews will give the true position of a product, pointing you to the weaknesses and strengths of the cologne that you are about to purchase.  

Don’t just concentrate on one side of the reviews. Instead, read both negative and positive reviews. You might find one feedback that speaks to your needs and help you make the right decision. Analyze the credibility of the platform or website where the reviews are appearing, be sure it is a credible, neutral platform and not just featuring influenced reviews.  

Pricing and money-back guarantee

Colognes and perfumes for men come at different prices, some higher, some in the middle, and some at the lower tiers. Most people believe that the most expensive ones are the best while the cheapest ones are the worst. This is an assumption that can mislead you.  

Instead of just looking at pricing alone, take time to look at the ingredients and value proposition. Compare the value proposition against your needs. Sometimes you might find that a product of low budget still meets your needs.  

Buy colognes that offer a money-back guarantee as this gives you the confidence you need to know that the makers are ready to stand by their product. There is power and comfort in the knowledge that you will get a refund if the product fails to deliver what it promises. 

Top 6 Best Pheromones For Men

Here now is a deeper look at the 6 best pheromones for men. Important to note that there is no one size fit all Some might be great in one category but perform worse in another category. 

1. Pherazone

Pherazone is filled cologne made for men’s use that is created to meet three goals: men attracting women, women attracting men, and gay persons attracting same-sex.  

It contains a blend of six high concentration ingredients that are intense enough to invoke sexual attraction. This means that the ingredients will vary based on the target of attraction. 

For the one made for men who want to attract women, the ingredients include Androsterone, 5-alpha-AndrostenolBbeta-androstenol,5-alpha-androstenone, signature fragrance, beta-epi-androstenol, androstadienone, and androstadienol.


  • One spray is enough to go
  • Pherazone also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you discover that what they promised is not coming through. 


  • Might be so strong for first-time users but don’t worry because you will get used with time.
  • The price is a bit on the higher side but then again Pherazone is renowned as one of the very best. 

2. True Instinct

True Instinct is a powerful cologne that blends three ingredients aimed at improving a man’s connection and communication with women. It increases the levels of charisma, boosting the emotional feelings of women towards a man who has used True Instinct.

True Instinct has a high concentration of Androstenone. This is the kind of masculinity and aggression cologne that you cannot easily find in nature. Indeed so many men have reported increased confidence as well as a sexual attraction after using True Instinct.

While most colognes and perfumes for men tend to combine so many ingredients, True Instinct contains only three. These include androsterone, Androstenone, and Androstadienone. It can last between 7-8 hours with one bottle containing 10ml, an equivalent of 10 drops.  


  • You really don’t need so much of it, manufacturers in fact warn against exceeding 150mcg per single-use or application.
  • This cologne contains about  8,500mcg of pheromone quantity.


  • Can have negative effects if over-applied by mistake.

3. RawChemistry 

The RawChemistry cologne is great at enticing women, grabbing their maximum attention as soon as you step into the room.  The perfect mix of various oils and a blend of scents makes it a perfect “companion” for those occasions, especially the casual ones, be it a dinner or cocktail party.  

This is a sophisticated cologne oil, featuring a lovely blend of natural fragrance that set the stage for that attractive spark that will drive women your way. 


  • RawChemistry cologne is made by hand, a huge diversion from many colognes in the market.
  • Their plant-based ingredients include Androsterone, Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androstadienone.
  • It works well for sensitive skin.  


  • Absorbs faster on dry skin compared to oily skin.  
  • The scent of RawChemistry is on the professional side, making it perfect even for serious occasions such as business settings. 

4. TRUE Alpha:  Best for Trust and Respect

One unique thing about TRUE Alpha is that it is not scented. The fact that this cologne oil is free of fragrance gives it a stealth edge, making it a secret weapon for getting that special attention from women.  The quiet attraction magic gives you the power to stand out among other men, easily turning you into the most attractive man in the scene.  

Those men who have tried TRUE Alpha claim to have experienced an increased spark that secures the much-desired attraction of women. Let’s just put it this way: More women will want to spend more time with you. Please give it a try.  

The formula contains natural ingredients such as Androstenone, Androstadienone, and Androsterone. These substances elicit some sort of sexual attraction from women, making them view you as a truly alpha male and therefore the kind of ideal partner that they want to hang out with! They drop their guard quickly, consider you safe, and like you instantly.  


  • Women will not notice that you have applied any cologne. They will just find themselves attracted to you without their knowledge.
  • Comes with extra strength which releases emotional signals in women . Such emotions might include trust, a sense of safety, and great moods.   


  • Unscented, meaning it might not be suitable for men who would like to add some extra scent to their body.

5. Nexus: Best for Instant Connection

Nexus is best known for the ability to spark instant connection and body chemistry with women, which is everything a man needs to set the chemistry in motion. The more time you spend with a woman while in the comfort of Nexus, the more intense the chemistry.  

Once a woman smells the Nexus fragrance on you, their mind tells them that you are so attractive, fertile, and extremely healthy. For them, you are ready to go thanks to the instant chemistry. Get the raw chemistry and rock their world! The ingredients used to make Nexus include Androsterone, Beta-androstenol, Androstenone,  Androstadienone, Epiandrosterone and Beta-androstenol. 

Nexus is perfectly suitable for men who value chemistry and are keen to push it to near raw levels, where the woman feels 100% safe and comfortable.  


  • Ability to attract women without a struggle
  • Instant connection
  • Money-back guarantees


  • A single spray might not be enough for maximum effect. You might need to spray it severally around your chest and neck if you are looking to unleash the most potent chemistry trigger. 

6. XiSt Oil: Best for Unlocking the Friend Zone

Any man who has ever been friend-zoned by a woman knows that this is not a comfortable way to find yourself. This is where XiSt comes in, to break chains of friend-zoning and get you to the acceptable circle where you will get all the love.  

XiSt will unleash your sexual appeal and increase your ratings in the eyes of women. She’ll no longer view you as a friend but as a desirable man, attractive, sensual, and worthy of her time. 

XiSt does the magic by turning your odor into one that will trigger attraction from your crush who has been friend-zoning you.  She’ll start to view you as being more romantic, more manly, more appealing. Her feelings of care towards you will increase, making her less inhibited in your presence.  

Ingredients: The magic of XiSt is powered by an array of ingredients including Epi-allopregnanolone, Androsterone, Androstenone, and Epiandrosterone.  

Find yourself in that ugly friend zone, worry no more. XiSt will earn you a deserved promotion to the table of love and chemistry. Go for it!


  • One or two drops are enough to do the magic and bring her closer.  


  • Works best for dry skins only, as it might tend to fade away quickly before the magic happens if applied on not-so-dry skin.  


Once again, pheromones are an essential inclusion in a man’s daily interactions. Of course, it is never a must so no pressure if this is not your kind of thing. But if you are the kind of man that is out to stand strong and best among other men in the room, then now you have the secret is. 

Considering that different men will have different goals when it comes, especially to the dating scene, it might be difficult to single out one option that is best for everything. You need to start with what you really want to achieve, then look at the products that come out as best from our table above. For example, TRUE Alpha is considered best for Trust and Respect while Nexus is best for instant connection or chemistry.  

Choose wisely, take into account the important factors to consider before buying. Start gradually and monitor the effects on your body before you settle on one for long-term use. All the best, dear man!