How To Increase Your Sex Pheromones: Boost Yours Naturally

How To Increase Your Sex Pheromones

As an individual, you are always secreting or releasing certain chemical substances that are received through receptors by the next person that is close to you. Even creatures such as insects, mice, etc. release these substances. These substances are known as pheromones

In fact, if you go through evolution concepts, you will be amazed to discover that originally we, as human beings, we’re all connected to the earth and survived through instincts. This is before civilization brought along all the possessions we now surround ourselves with such as clothing, houses, cars, etc. 

So, we’ve compiled 1 effective tips on how to increase your sex pheromones. 

What is the Relationship Between Pheromones and Human Connections?

From early on, the connection between human beings to the earth was possible through pheromones, which are the chemicals that give creatures a sense of smell in the subconscious form. These chemicals are the force that enables us to make connections with other beings, and sexual connection is one of the areas where the pheromones play a significant role.

So the next time you find yourself feeling that you happen to be so intensely and emotionally connected to a certain person especially of the opposite sex, then know that both of your pheromones have connected perfectly well. 

Pheromones and love at first sight

Ever felt an instant attraction to someone you have met for the first time? They might be attractive or even not so attractive but somehow you feel that immediate attraction and they too happen to like you. They might not have anything fancy about them, not even nice clothes, but still, the attraction is real. Intense attraction at first sight or what is commonly referred to as love at first sight is a common occurrence among human beings and even animals. 

The instant attraction between individuals of the same nature is down to chemical communication enabled by these special chemical messengers known as pheromones. These chemicals are released by the body and picked by the next body. They are responsible for stimulating desire, sexual arousal, fertility, and hormone levels among other important aspects and feelings in a human body or animals in general. Pheromones are emitted from the body through sweat, urine, saliva, etc. They are normally detected via smell. 

What is the Link Between Pheromones And Sexual Attraction?

The body emits so many different types of pheromones, all responsible for different affairs in the body. One of these pheromones is known as Androsterone. Androsterone is the pheromone that elicits a man’s sexual appeal towards women and helps him to identify potential mates or compatible mates. 

Amazingly, only about 10 percent of all the men population in the entire world produce Androsterone in abundance. This means that only 10% of the men population in the world stands out as the most desirable and sexiest of all other men.

Perhaps this explains why a large percentage of men might struggle to attract their desired females. It might also explain why the majority of females are always struggling or finding it difficult to find the highly sought Mr. Right. 

Do handsome men have more pheromones?

No! In fact, you might have realized that some of the men who attract the most stunning women may never have the looks and in fact, may never be the most handsome after all. But somehow you find that sometimes the not so physically attractive men end up attracting the most beautiful women. Ever wondered why? Well, blame the Androsterone pheromone for this unique behavioral response. It changes the way people perceive another person regardless of their looks. In this case, beautiful women will perceive even the most physically unattractive man as very sexy, desirable and will crave to be around him. 

The adrenal gland and testes are responsible for producing the Androsterone pheromones in humans, particularly in men. It is then released through a man’s hair, urine, and skin. The Androsterone pheromone is also produced by women through ovaries though at a much lower rate, about  4 times less than the quantities produced by men. 

Do women produce sex pheromones as well?

Yes, it is important to note that women too produce their own special sex pheromone known as copulin as much as they also produce androsterone that is prominent in men. Men on the other hand do not produce copulin. For women, the production of copulin happens around the time of the menstrual cycle.

Is the amount of pheromones proportional to sex appeal?

The quantity of sex pheromone components produced by either women or men is directly proportional to their sexual activity and appeal. Persons who produce high amounts of sex pheromones tend to have more sex attraction, feel more confident, and bond easily with others. 

On the other hand, persons who produce fewer sex pheromones will experience diminished sex attraction, will have less confidence, and are more likely to be less desirable by their opposite sex. This explains why sometimes you find a very handsome man who is not confident and is less sexually attractive to women. You will also find women who are very beautiful but less confident and might not attract sexually attractive males. Pheromones are at work here!

Can pheromones repel?

Interestingly, it is not always the case that high levels of pheromones automatically lead to high levels of sex attraction for every person you meet. Sometimes they can have the opposite effect. This means that the effects of pheromones in your body might be such that they repel the next person’s pheromones and make you feel less attracted to them. 

Sometimes you can meet a person and immediately feel like you don’t want to be near them. In the same way you can experience love at first sight, you can also experience dislike at first sight all thanks to pheromones. It all depends on how your pheromones interact with the pheromones of the next person. 

How To Increase Your Sex Pheromones

Once again the human sex pheromone plays an instructive role, constantly guiding you on who you should mate and who you should not. This sounds weird but yes, pheromones are the fuel that powers attractions. They influence sexual attraction in a big way.

Natural pheromones in both women and men differ from one person to another. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways on how to increase sex pheromones naturally. It is always a great thing to start with natural ways before you can think of trying manufactured products and supplements. 

Important to note that there is no one size fits all solution. So make an effort to try out the various tips, starting with the most convenient for you.  You might be lucky to find one that works perfectly well for your body. 

Here now are the most effective tips on how to increase your sex pheromones and do so in a natural way.

#1 Regular Exercise

Physical activity leads to sweating which increases the production of and release of sex pheromones. The human sweat contains a special pheromone known as Androstadienone which is itself a testosterone pheromone. As you might know, the hormone testosterone is essential for sexual performance, especially among men.

A good amount of exercise enables your body to release high levels of adrenaline and endorphins, effectively eliminating stress and leading to a better mood. Regular exercises also help to drive toxins out of your body, meaning you will produce strong pheromones. Exercises equally lead to an increase in the levels of testosterone among men. 

The good thing about exercise is the fact that there are so many options to choose from, some as simple as a daily walk or small jog in your neighborhood. You don’t have to make it so intense and you really don’t have to spend any money if you are on a budget. 

#2 Get enough Sleep

Insufficient sleep causes a reduction in pheromones due to an imbalance in hormone levels. Inadequate pheromones combined with hormonal imbalance affect arousal and hence impair sexual performance. Of course, the opposite will happen with enough sleep, meaning more sleep creates the perfect environment for more pheromones thanks to a balance in hormones and therefore increases the sexual energy. 

Lack of enough sleep is often associated with less energy for life thus reducing your hunger for attraction and lust. This gradually sends your sex desires to the back of your mind. Indeed studies have found that poor sleep among men leads to low levels of testosterone which causes a decrease in libido and can also interfere with a man’s reproductive system. 

#3 Increase Zinc Consumption

The majority of studies have found that the mineral zinc increases the levels of testosterone which in turn increases male sexual performance. Unfortunately, the body produces no zinc, so the only way out is to get it from foods and supplements if you can. 

Some of the foods that you can consume to increase your zinc levels include wheat germ, chicken, peanuts, milk, shellfish, eggs, and oysters. 

While foods can go a long way, it might not be possible to get all the zinc you need to rack up your sex pheromones. It is therefore advisable to add supplements to get in more zinc within a short period of time.  But again you must take care not to get an oversupply of zinc as this can affect your immune system and lead to deficiencies of other equally important minerals such as copper. 

According to the National Health Institute, you should strive to take daily zinc doses of 11 mg. 

# 4 Essential Oils Will Go a Long Way

Yes, the inclusion of essential oils in your diet will go a long way to increase your sex pheromones and hence your overall human attraction. Some of the oils you can consider using to increase sexual response include patchouli, jasmine, and ylang-ylang among others. 

#5 Don’t Over-bathe!

Yeah, this might sound funny but it has been found that too much bathing can decrease the number of pheromones on the skin. Of course, this is not to say that we are discouraging regular bathing. Just bathe regularly but don’t go bathing five or 10 times per day:) 

Reasonably less bathing will retain good quantities of the good bacteria on your skin. These good bacteria will in turn contribute to healthy skin glands. Healthy skin glands elicit a very attractive and natural smell, which in turn contributes to an increase in sex pheromones. 

#6 Let Your Armpits Be!

Yes, one of the best ways on how to increase sex pheromones is by letting your armpits just be as natural as they should be. This means not much shaving or too much cleaning but of course, essential cleaning and necessary shaving for a good look is a must.  Please note you absolutely don’t have to practice this tip if you are uncomfortable and indeed there are persons who love to keep their armpits thoroughly clean which is still okay. 

The big picture here is to understand that a majority of pheromones come out through sweat and mainly the sweat from your armpits. Stay away from too much deodorant if you want to increase your natural expression levels. If you must use deodorant, then consider going with antiperspirants that are unscented. Allow your natural scent to come out uninterrupted and you will increase your sex pheromones by doing so. 

#7 Exfoliate

It has been discovered that when you exfoliate your body, the pores are kept in good standing to ensure they are not clogged. This allows secretion of high pheromone amounts hence increasing the sex pheromones. 

#8 Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will always be the basis and foundation of a healthy body. A healthy body will ‘happily’ perform its functions optimally including releasing the correct amounts of pheromones in this case. 

Eating a balanced diet is one of the easiest things to achieve in your lifestyle. Even for those on budget, a balanced diet is still possible. Just ensure your meals have the essential components of good eating which are carbs, vitamins, and proteins. Add enough water per day and you are perfectly on route to ensuring that your pheromones will always be maintained at good levels.

Some of the foods you can consider if you can but not a must, include truffles, parsnips, pumpkins, lavender, avocados, dark chocolate, celery, pumpkin seeds, watermelon, and red grapes among others. 

#9 Avoid Strong Soaps

Soaps and cleansers full of strong fragrances can outdo your natural body scent. It is normal that we always want to ensure that our bodies are thoroughly cleaned, and often we might imagine that the strong cleaners will do the job well. But what you need to know is that your body is always producing its own oil that is very good for the skin. This means that a  very strong soap can easily clean away this natural oil which is what the body needs to keep the pheromones coming. 

Try as much as possible to let your natural aroma stay with you. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using soaps that are not so harsh in terms of the fragrance ingredients that they contain. This might be difficult to achieve for most people because we are always thinking about how clean we should be and what kind of odor our bodies should emit. Sometimes it is okay to just forget about all these worries and let the body remain more on the natural side. 

#10 Cut Down on Soft Drinks 

Too many soft drinks can reduce your serotonin levels which will, in turn, interfere with hormonal imbalance hence leading to a reduction in pheromone production. 

The artificial sweeteners in such drinks will rake havoc in your natural body mechanisms, and your sex pheromones will suffer shortage. 

Examples of drinks to avoid or cut down on regular intake include sodas such as Coca-Cola, sprite, Pepsi, coke zero, etc.

#11 Avoid Alcohol

You probably didn’t see this coming but yes it is right here. Alcohol is a big no if you are looking for effective ways on how to increase your sex pheromones. Of course, it is true that most people, especially men, imagine they will get a lot of confidence to speak to their crush when drunk. But we are sorry to spoil your party by letting you know that alcohol will actually do the opposite.  

Alcohol can only help you through a short period of excitement but it goes beyond limits once you take so much of it. Instead of depending on the short-term excitement and supposed attraction that it gives you, avoid it completely. Focus instead on lifestyle adjustments that increase testosterone levels and serotonin levels. Exercise regularly, eat well, drink lots of water, bathe smart, etc. Avoiding alcohol is a sure way to increase your sex pheromones. 


As we have discovered, pheromones play a critical role in the sexual attraction of both men and women. While some persons are naturally endowed with high levels of pheromones from the moment they are born, this might not be the case for others. But you need not worry at all because all the tips above can be effective ways on how to increase your sex pheromones. Please try them, keep at it and you will soon witness the results.

Do you have any additional tips that might have already worked for you, or maybe you have tried any of the tips above? What is your experience so far? Please share in the comments and feel free to ask any questions you might have. 

Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends or followers across social media. Thank you for reading.