How To Increase Hair Growth – Follow These 7 Simple Tips

How To Increase Hair Growth

While there is no proven precise formula or approach that gives instant results for hair growth, there are proven practices you can follow and increase your hair growth gradually over a period of time. 

Get the scoop and benefit from 7 amazing tips on what you can start doing immediately to increase your hair growth. 

How Does Hair Grow and Why Does It Stop?

The process of hair growth goes through a cycle comprised of three stages namely growth, degeneration, and rest. During the growth stage, also known as anagen, the hair strands come off through the skin. At the degeneration stage, also known as catagen, the hair growth stops and the hair follicles shrink. During the rest stage, also known as telogen, the hair falls and ushers in the start of a new cycle that will begin at stage 1, growth. 

As you can see, hair can be regenerated. Hair is one of the few tissues that are possible to regenerate through the lifetime of a being.  That is why it grows again when you cut it down through shaving. 

What is the role of stem cells in hair growth?

The cycles of hair growth are driven by stem cells. These stem cells responsible for hair growth live in the hair follicle. In the growth period, the stem cells will divide up, become new cells and start to regenerate new hair. The stem cells become inactive during the rest stage. 

Any activity that interferes with this natural process and cycles of hair growth will then stop, slow down and cause hair loss. Conversely, activities or actions that boost the cycles will automatically increase hair growth. 

How Can I Increase My Hair Growth Rate?

Doctors are consistently working on ways that will eventually settle the issue of hair growth and hair loss which are concerns among many people in the world, both men and women. We all love to have that good-looking hair and truth be told, not so many people really love baldness. Studies continue to go on including advances in research looking into how stem cells can improve hair growth which is basically achieving stem control to influence hair conditions.

As more research continues there are still credible approaches that have been proven to deliver results. These are great ways that many people have used and proved that they have worked for them in terms of increasing their hair growth. If these tips have worked for someone else then chances are high that they might also work for you. After all, human beings share common natural attributes and hair is one of them.

Of course, different people go through different circumstances in life that affect body processes differently. What works for one person may not always work for everyone. This is why it is worth trying consistently, testing different methods in succession until you arrive at one that suits you. Here are the tips to get you started on your hair growth journey. Please note that most of these approaches require time and consistency. 

1. Massage your scalp

The scalp forms the foundation of hair growth and so a nice routine massage to the scalp will lead to an increase in hair growth. It has been established that when a good massage is applied to the scalp, it brings all sorts of healthy benefits that work positively on stress hormones, heart rate, and even blood pressure among other functions.

A scalp massage improves blood flow to the scalp and hair shafts, strengthens the hair roots, and creates the environment for an efficient flow of important nutrients to the follicle thus leading to stronger hair. A healthy massage also helps to stretch the human dermal papilla cells

which are found in the subcutaneous tissue. This improves hair thickness substantially over a period of time. 

Which materials can I use for scalp massage?

Use oils rich in hair nutrients to do the massage. A good example of an oil that you can use for a healthy scalp massage includes rosemary oil, which is widely known to act as a stimulant for hair growth. The rich substances in rosemary oil will open up blood vessels and trigger the hair follicles to start producing new hair again. 

You can also obtain a scalp massage device for standardized scalp massage results. A 4-minute scalp massage should be perfectly enough for a balanced scalp. The other advantage of a massage is that it helps to treat an itchy scalp thanks to the deep cleaning that is usually part of the massage.

2. Keep off cigarettes

As you might know, smoking has never been established to offer any proven benefits to the body. Instead, all it can offer are terrible effects that will eventually take a toll on your health. And so when it comes to hair growth as well, smoking is one of those habits that you just ought to stop immediately if you want to increase your hair growth.  Indeed smoking has been heavily linked to hair loss in men particularly. 

Any amount of smoking starts to block the flow of blood to the hair follicles and scalp, which automatically blocks crucial nutrient-rich oxygen that is needed to generate hair growth. Bear in mind that the many toxins produced from cigarette smoking can penetrate right into the follicles region and cause damages to the roots of your hair.

Well, smoking is a personal choice and so is the decision to stop if you are already doing it. You need to do a cost-benefit analysis and establish whether the short-term feel you get when smoking is worth the long-term consequences such as stalling hair growth. 

3. Increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acids 

Studies have established that adequate stomach acid through a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids is one of the ways on how to increase hair growth.

Women especially have a high chance of increasing hair growth with good consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. Indeed some studies have also indicated that even omega-6 fatty acids can equally be one of the remedies for hair growth. 

Equally important are folic acid and amino acid. Some of the most common amino acids that are good for hair growth include cysteine, lysine, proline, arginine, cysteine, glutamine, and methionine. 

Methionine contains strong antioxidant properties in addition to sulfur. These ingredients combine to fight disorders that can interfere with hair growth. This amino acid contributes to an increase of blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, which accelerates the growth of healthy, stronger hair. Methionine can also contribute significantly to a strong hair shaft thanks to its role in collagen synthesis. 

4. Hormone balance

Balanced hormones play a critical role in sustaining hair growth and it is, therefore, important that you strive to maintain balanced hormones at all times. 

Some of the common hormones that affect hair growth include cortisol, estrogen, and thyroid hormones.  

How does cortisol hormones affect hair growth

Cortisol is a stress hormone that responds to chronic stress but also regulates the daily functions of the body. When this hormone is stretched due to chronic stress, it interferes with metabolisms and in turn, hinders hair growth.

How does the thyroid hormone affect hair growth?

Sufficient levels of the thyroid hormone will improve metabolism and induce healthy hair growth. 

How does estrogen contribute to hair growth

Estrogen imbalance is a common hormone imbalance among both men and women as a result of toxins from the environment. High levels of estrogen lead to hair loss. The trick is to keep the estrogen levels moderate by avoiding exposure to toxins such as pesticides. Certain foods for example soy are also known to increase estrogen levels, so please moderate their intake. 

There are various types of stress that you need to be wary of:

Mechanical stress

Mechanical stress is also known as physical stress. This is stress that comes to your body as a result of wear and tear effects on the body. Mechanical stress mostly affects your spine and interferes with the hair follicles which leads to a decrease in hair growth. 

Oxidative stress

The body suffers oxidative stress when there is an imbalance between antioxidants and the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules that contain oxygen and they have an uneven number of electrons. Free radicals react so quickly with other molecules in the body and this easy reaction can trigger a chain of intense chemical reactions. 

Antioxidants on the other hand are molecules that donate electrons to the free radicals. The donated electrons enable the free radicals to stabilize. 

Now, when the free radicals are so many that the antioxidants are not able to stabilize them, the free radicals can damage the DNA, proteins, and fatty tissues. This damage can be transmitted to the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Chronic stress 

Chronic stress is a consistent, overwhelming feeling over a long period of time. Common symptoms of chronic stress include pains, aches, exhaustion, seclusion, feeling lonely, anxiety, irritation, etc. 

Research has established that chronic stress damages stem cells which play a vital role in hair growth. 

Trim often

A regular hair trim has been found to contribute to increased hair growth. When hair is left untrimmed for long, some hair starts to cut or split as a result of damages. This splitting and cutting of hair mean that the hair becomes dull, tangled, and quite dry. 

Trimming on a regular basis will renew the hair, align it, give it a fresh feel, and trigger the growth of new hair. Just don’t do it so much as this will negate the purpose. The recommended spacing between trims is once every 2-3 months. 

6. Increase vitamin consumption

Studies upon studies have shown that high consumption of vitamins is one of the best and in fact easiest ways on how to increase hair growth. Vitamin deficiency has been established to be among the leading causes of hair loss. Food rich in vitamins is the natural place to start.

Increase your intake of foods such as organ meat, eggs, fortified cereals, bread, and green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Vitamin A, vitamin C,  vitamin B2, and vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid are some of the most important vitamins that make a huge contribution to increased hair growth for both men and women.

7. Consume a balanced, healthy diet

A healthy, balanced diet is the most significant natural way on how to increase hair growth and stop worrying about hair loss. 

If you can make a point of focusing on ensuring that each meal is made up of a well-balanced diet throughout all your meals on each day or most of the time, then you will have made a huge step towards improving your hair growth. 

Take foods rich in all the basic nutrients including minerals and vitamins which we have already covered. Vital minerals for hair growth include iron and zinc. Iron deficiency and zinc deficiency are among the top nutritional deficiency factors that are attributed to hair loss, so please consume foods rich in these minerals. 


Faster hair growth and healthy hair are achievable with these tips. The secret is to be consistent in practicing the various approaches above and you will gradually increase your hair growth.

Keep in mind the importance of consuming a balanced diet and keep off harmful habits such as smoking. Wash your hair frequently with warm water, rinse with cold water, avoid extremely hot water as it can damage the hair strands.

Have you tried any of these tips? Please share your experience in the comments and kindly share the tips across social media for the benefit of your friends.