How To Increase Chances Of Twins – 7 Factors That Improves The Odds

How To Increase Chances Of Twins

Do you have a desire to give birth to twins? Do you want to know how to increase chances of twins? Then you might be impressed to learn that it is absolutely possible to increase your chances of giving birth to twins if this is what you desire. Many factors affect twinning or the likelihood of twins, such as a family history of twins.  

There is no scientific method that is proven to be a surefire way to help mothers give birth to twins. But the good news is that there are certain approaches you can put into practice to improve your chances of getting sets of twins. 

How Does Twinning Occur?

The mechanisms of twinning among women around the world are still considered complex. It’s probably a result of a combination of many factors ranging from environmental to family and genetic factors. There are two types of twins that might occur, namely monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins.

Monozygotic twins

Also known as identical twins, monozygotic twinning occurs when one single egg is fertilized by one single sperm but the resulting zygote separates into two early in the pregnancy and hence two embryos are formed. The cause of identical twinning remains largely unknown though some hypotheses indicate that it could be due to some genes that cause cells to stick together. There is still no strong evidence that proves the clear role of the genetics of twinning but genetics are largely thought to be a factor in twinning formations in women.

Dizygotic twinning

Dizygotic twins, also referred to as fraternal twins or non-identical twins, occur when two eggs are fertilized by a different sperm each i.e. each egg is separately fertilized by separate sperm. Dizygotic twins or fraternal twins are more common compared to monozygotic twins or identical twins.

The frequency of twinning varies among different categories of women. This is why the human twinning rate is not constant and changes based on factors such as race, environment, height, etc.

While the aspect of twinning is natural, the following ways on how to increase the chances of twins can greatly improve your odds of joining the many women who have given birth to twin babies. 

How To Increase Chances Of Twins?

1. Age is a factor

It has been found out that persons who are aged 30 years and above have higher chances of birth of twins. So if you want to get twins then you know what to do, just try to get pregnant in your 30s and be sure it’s a healthy pregnancy! 

The reason for this is thought to be due to the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which tends to increase in levels as a woman advances in age. The FHS hormone plays an important role in developing eggs in the ovaries. These eggs later get released to get fertilized in the uterus.  

As a woman ages, her eggs require higher levels of FSH to get stimulated sufficiently so that they can be successfully fertilized. This is why women above 30 years will naturally have high levels of FSH. This can be a bit contradicting because often FSH levels are thought to arise due to decreasing fertility which means it should be relatively difficult for a woman to get pregnant at a higher age. The explanation for this contradiction is that sometimes the follicles can overreact to the increased levels of FSH and cause more than two eggs to be fertilized hence resulting in a twin pregnancy. 

2. A little more weight might work

This could as well be one of the strangest ways on how to improve the chances of twins. Yes, there is some indication that persons with a Body Mass Index (BMI)of 30 and above have higher chances of conceiving twins compared to persons of healthy body mass index levels. 

Higher body weight leads to higher fat levels which lead to an increase in estrogen. High estrogen levels can cause the ovaries to be overstimulated and end up releasing more than one egg for ovulation and eventual fertilization. 

Ironically though, some people find it difficult to get pregnant due to being overweight. So you just have to try adding some extra body fat and find out if this method actually works out for you. You might be among the lucky ones! Please remember that even as much as you might want to try this approach, it has to be a healthy weight depending on your circumstances. Please don’t try this method if adding an extra body weight is a health risk factor for you. Consult a doctor first just in case you might be at risk of weight related issues such as blood clots, unhealthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

3. Try to get pregnant while breastfeeding

Yes, this might work if you are lucky to have a successful pregnancy. There is some evidence that women who get pregnant while breastfeeding can have higher chances of getting a twin pregnancy. It is also true that breastfeeding might lessen the chances of getting pregnant among some women mostly during the first 6 months of breastfeeding. 

Some peer-reviewed studies have established high rates of twin pregnancies among breastfeeding mothers, about 10-11 percent pregnancy rate compared to just 1 percent among women who are not in the breastfeeding period. 

Of course the constant here is that you must already have gotten at least one baby for you to try this approach. This is because the breastfeeding approach as a way to increase the chances of twins can only be practiced when a mother is breastfeeding. If you do not have a baby in the breastfeeding stage, then this method will definitely not apply to you.

4. Fertility enhancement

According to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the chances of getting pregnant with twins can increase considerably with fertility treatments. There are several types of fertility treatment that influence twin pregnancy chances in different ways. Here is a look at two common treatments: 

Fertility drugs

Fertility drugs and supplements can enhance a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with twins. These drugs can successfully stimulate the ovaries, enabling them to release two eggs for ovulation.

Please be sure to consult a fertility specialist on the best type of drugs or supplements that would be most suitable for your body.  There is a significant number of pregnant women whose pregnancy is attributed to fertility medication, so no need to worry. 

In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is reproductive technology or fertility treatment that can increase the chances of twins. This is a procedure that must be carried out by professional healthcare providers i.e. fertility specialists. In this procedure, a woman’s eggs are extracted and fertilized in a laboratory with sperm from a donor to create an embryo.

The healthcare professional will culture embryos then schedule the embryo for transfer from the laboratory to your womb. The embryo transfers might involve more than one embryo to increase chances. So in the case of a twin pregnancy, the doctor will transfer two embryos instead of a single embryo.  The doctors have to make decisions and ensure only good-quality embryos are transferred. 

Multiple pregnancies come with risks, so the doctor might want to limit the embryos or might do a single embryo transfer to analyze the risk potential.  It is important that fresh embryos are transferred in good time to improve their chances. Separate embryos will normally have different chances of success.

5. Race can play a role

Based on birth statistics covering American people, there are indications that black people and hence black women have high chances of getting pregnant with twins compared to other races like Hispanic people, Caucasian people, and Asian people. 

From the statistics, it was evident that the rate of black people giving birth to twins was way higher compared to the rate of twins among Hispanic women and Asian women.  There is still no concrete scientific explanation on what influences the increase in twinning among certain races. 

Of course, this does not imply black women automatically have higher chances of conceiving twins or that women of other races such as Caucasians or Asians automatically have lower chances. It simply means that according to statistics, more black women tend to have twin pregnancies compared to other races. Otherwise, you will still find so many black women who have no history of twins and would still struggle to have successful twin pregnancies. On the other hand, it is also possible to find many women of other races with higher chances of twin pregnancies.

6. Height can influence twinning

There have been indications that women who are tall in height tend to have more chances of conceiving twins compared to shorter women.

Of course, this might sound weird but yes, some studies have linked height to higher chances of twinning among taller women. So if you are a man who would love to get twins, then you might want to get a partner that is averagely tall.

7. Consume a balanced diet rich in dairy products

Research is still going on to determine the role of diet if any in increasing chances of twinning and twin birth rate among women. 

As research goes on, some studies have managed to establish that persons who consume plenty of dairy products have higher chances of getting pregnant with twins.  

The explanation around diet and twinning is that certain hormones fed to cows can have an effect on hormone levels in the human body and increase the chance that a woman will conceive twins. 


Twin pregnancy is a category of pregnancy that means a woman will deliver two babies. It occurs naturally and indeed some women desire to have twins. If it is your desire to get twins, then get started with the tips above on how to increase chances of twins. 

As always, remember to equally focus on getting healthy babies which involves adequate preparation plus care. If you can, create a baby registry or maintain an inventory of baby products including a baby welcome box. Additions such as a baby shower will go a long way. Consult your health care provider for the most professional prenatal care. 

Do you have tips that have worked for you? Please share in the comments and don’t forget to share these tips on social media.