11 Great Tips on How To Increase Blood Flow In Penis

How To Increase Blood Flow In Penis

How to increase blood flow in penis is a subject that is crucial for men. As a man, you want to ensure optimal erection, and there is no secret to achieve this other than ensuring that the blood flow is optimal.

While a steady blood supply and consistent flow of blood to the penis is a largely natural process, various circumstances can affect blood vessels and necessitate a boost to ensure a healthy blood flow. All you need is to remain focused and practice these tested tricks on how to increase blood flow in penis. 

How Can Increase  the Flow of Blood to the Penis?

Increasing the flow of blood to the penis can be so easy yet so difficult to sustain. If you can manage to practice just a couple of these tips on a regular basis, then you will achieve optimum blood flow and stay away from so many risks. 

1. Exercise more

Studies upon studies have proven beyond any iota of doubt that regular physical activity that features exercising is the most cost-effective approach for those seeking answers on how to increase blood flow to penis. 

Please note that just exercising alone is not enough. Regular exercise is what will ignite blood cells,  improve blood supply and change things for the better in terms of penile blood flow. So don’t be in the habit of exercising once in a blue moon because this will never help you. Create a simple timetable that you can easily follow and avoid exaggerating it. 

If you are already experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms then please start by seeking erectile dysfunction exercises help from a professional physical practitioner.  

Which exercises can increase blood flow in penis

You can strike an excellent balance of blood flow by performing regular exercises that strengthen the region from the body to the muscles, as follows:

Pelvic exercises

Various types of pelvic exercises help to strengthen the pelvic area and the muscles around it which include the pelvic floor muscles, leg muscles, as well as penile muscles. Good examples of the common pelvic floor exercises include exercises such as activating pelvic floor muscles, sitting pelvic floor activation, standing pelvic floor activation, and pelvic curl.

Foot and knee exercises

These are great for the regions around the knees, legs, and feet which all enhance healthy blood flow. Examples include supine foot raises and knee fallouts which involve small movements of the knees.

Aerobic exercises

A regular exercise routine that features aerobic exercise sessions would also be great in increasing the volume of blood getting to the penis. 

Can my gym instructor help?

Yes, please talk to your gym instructor about some of these exercises. Some exercises might be suitable for your body while others might require some adjustments depending on your body conditions. 

Perform them with the supervision of the instructor or a physical therapist until such a time when you are confident you can do them on your own.  Monitor your progress from week to week and make adjustments where necessary for effective results. 

2. Keep a healthy weight

This is not so much about obsessing about your body weight or lifting weights. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is by eating right. If you can just strike a balance on what you eat and how it adjusts your body, you will have solved over 99% of the problems that come with unhealthy weight such as erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction.

Understand your body and keep off foods that can lead to obesity. Keep off foods that can lead to too much fat in the body. Besides interfering with the normal blood flow to the penis, the wrong foods can also cause diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. Stick to a diet that is moderate on fats/carbs and more on vegetables/fruits. 

3. Reduce alcohol intake 

Alcohol intake has two ‘faces’ so to speak and the ugly ‘face’ can have devastating consequences on your health including the weakening of your cardiovascular health whose consequences include severe erectile dysfunction. 

Of course, the good ‘face’ of alcohol is that which makes you excited and happy. But this is only for the short term. For the long term, you must keep low to moderate alcohol consumption. 

How much alcohol should I take to avoid poor blood flow to penis?

Alcohol was meant to be a social drink with friends or family. A little alcohol can create a nice mood that helps to cement social relations. But when taken too much, the consequences are dreadful. 

Heavy alcohol consumption is known to cause a myriad of health issues that interfere with the male erectile function as it renders the erectile tissues weak.  Please get counseling help if you are struggling with excessive alcohol problems

4. Keep off nicotine

Unlike alcohol which you can moderate and still sustain a safe health condition, nicotine starts to have negative effects on your body as soon as it arrives in your body. 

Nicotine increases the heart rate, blood pressure goes high, and the arteries that coordinate blood flow begin to tighten. As a result, the normal flow of blood to the penis’ erectile tissues is interfered with and firm erections will be hard to come by. 

So if you use nicotine and have started noticing that you are no longer having a healthy erection during sex, then don’t wonder what to do. Just stop the nicotine and your erectile function will get back to adequate erection. If you have been entertaining the thought of trying nicotine, please use this lesson and abandon the temptation. 

5. Stay happy 

If you are keen as a man, you must have noticed that you achieve some of the most satisfying adequate erection during sex on the occasions that you are happiest. This is why a bit of alcohol is linked to a higher erection.

To achieve consistent happiness, try as much as you can to reduce the level of stress that you expose yourself to on a daily basis. Of course, it may never be possible to eliminate stress 100%, but trying your level best to reduces stress will go a long way to increase blood flow to the penis. 

6. Increase vitamin D intake

Vitamin D has been found to play a crucial role in boosting erectile function in the man’s body. 

There are several natural sources of vitamin D available in food. The common food sources of vitamin D include mackerel, herring, sardine, liver, egg yolks, and fortified cereals among others. 

Natural sunlight is also one f the greatest sources of vitamin D. So get out on those sweet sunny days, ‘suck’ in those vitamins and keep a healthier lifestyle. 

7. No smoking

There are already enough reasons to stop smoking and yes, poor blood flow to penis is also one of those big reasons that you need to think about and stop smoking if you are already doing it. If you are not a smoker, then stay away from the ‘stick’ and keep your erectile function intact.

As you might already know, smoking is really terrible for your heart health. Smoking is one of those poor lifestyle choices that cause all manner of heart disease and complications related to blood flow. These dangerous diseases include cardiovascular disease,  coronary artery disease which clogs the arteries and compromises the healthy flow of blood. 

A few, seemingly harmless cigarettes a day are enough to decrease blood flow to the penis and lead to poor erectile function. it’s evident that smoking can cause ED. So don’t even convince yourself that one or two cigarettes are good, just stop smoking altogether.

8. A balanced, healthy diet

This might sound obvious but you might be shocked to find out that the cause of the reduction in blood flow to your penis could be because you have not been consuming a balanced, healthy diet. 

Well, a balanced healthy diet or blood-friendly diet is one that features all the essential nutrients i.e. proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates as always. Of course, you can have all these essential nutrients in your daily diet, but are they healthy? As much as a diet is balanced, it has to be healthy by ensuring it is low on processed foods and more on natural foods.

Some of the foods to go for include natural whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and meat. If you can keep it purely organic food then your sexual function will increase drastically.

9. Try a PDE5 Inhibitor

Yes, these are the popular prescriptions that improve blood flow in the penis thus boosting your sexual function.  

Viagra might quickly come to the minds of many men but of course, there are several other types of  PDE5 Inhibitor medications you can try out.  

Please note that these medications are advised where there is a seriously low level of erectile function and are therefore used as a treatment as opposed to an improvement.  

Are PDE5 Inhibitors safe?

 You are better off trying other non-medical alternatives such as diet, exercising, reducing stress, etc., before you can resolve to use these medications. 

A risk factor that is important to note is that PDE5 Inhibitors can cause havoc to your health depending on your body reaction. Talk to a doctor in advance to find out the best option for your body or if your body is even suitable at all for this kind of approach.  

10. Supplements

Over-the-counter medications are one of the ways on how to increase blood flow in penis. The kind of supplements though that are designed to improve blood flow to the penis are not classified under FDA-approved medications. You must thus take care to verify that the source of the supplements can be trusted to produce medications that are above board.

As always, supplements are recommended when everything else fails to deliver results after trying for a reasonable period of time. Discuss the condition with your doctor for the best advice on safe and suitable supplements for your body.

11. Take lots of water

Over 50 percent of the human blood is made up of plasma. As you might already know, the composition of plasma is mostly water. So a hydrated body will keep the blood flowing to the right places to perform important functions, and the penis is one of those critical areas. 

A dehydrated body leads to a decrease in blood levels, meaning there will be no sufficient blood flow in the penis. The absence of blood in the blood vessels of the penis deprives it of the energy needed to sustain a strong erection or any erection at all. 

An intake of at least 3-4 liters of water per day will ensure there is always enough and consistent blood supply to the penis.


Did you enjoy learning what you can do to increase the supply of enough blood to the penis? Bear in mind that a constant supply of blood flow to the penis is the surest way to keep it healthy and avoid complications such as ED. So please try some of the tips and stay out of danger.

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