Best Mattress For Heavy People – Reviews And Buyers Guide

Best Mattress For Heavy People - Reviews And Buyers Guide

Finding the best mattress for heavy people can make a big difference in how well you sleep. People who have heavier bodies will need a mattress that can comfortably handle and distribute their weight while also providing adequate spinal support.

To support their body weight and ensure a pleasant night’s sleep, those with heavier bodies typically require a firmer mattress. A person is more likely to enjoy a good night’s sleep if they get an appropriate mattress.

Weight Disclaimer

Bodyweight is a significant consideration when buying a new mattress, especially for people who weigh more than 230 pounds. A heavier person chooses beds with additional support and padding in areas of the body size where weight is concentrated, such as the abdomen and hips.

Firmer, thicker mattresses are the ideal choice for many of these sleepers. These mattresses’ sleep surfaces will straighten the spine and relieve pressure points without sagging excessively, while the increased thickness profile makes getting in and out of bed easier.

While few mattresses are built expressly for larger sleepers, heavier people can choose from a wide range of beds that are firm and thick enough to provide enough support. It’s simply a matter of understanding what to look for in a mattress, from the suitability of a specific firmness level to the construction quality. 

Best Mattress for Heavy People

The greatest types of mattresses for a heavy individual are innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Coils provide extra support and should be able to handle more weight than the base foam found in all-foam mattresses.

2–4-inch thick durable mattress toppers are the most common. For a heavier person, in general, a thicker topper will provide additional support. The following are common topper materials:

Innerspring beds

Innerspring mattresses, which are constructed of a wide network of interconnected coils, are the more traditional option. They cooperate by moving, flexing, and supporting each other. They also allow excellent airflow. A foundation made up of interconnected steel springs will last longer than foam. On the negative, they aren’t great at deadening movement and can be noisy, so they’re not the best choice for couples.

Memory foam beds

Memory foam beds are popular among many people, and it’s easy to see why. Memory foam might provide great relief if you suffer from chronic pain or pressure spots while lying in bed. Some memory foam beds have a lovely, light sensation to them, while others have a sluggish, deep memory foam feel to them. 

Hybrid beds

A pocketed coil mattress is made up of a number of individually wrapped steel coils that are only loosely attached. They bend and compress independently while still providing excellent support. Micro-coils, which are only a few inches tall and consequently less supportive than 7.5″ pocketed coils, are frequent with pocketed coils.

Micro-coils should be avoided, especially if you’re a self-described obese person, and coils in the 5′′-8″ range should be preferred. The entire mechanism compresses and moves together while using an innerspring.

Memory Foam

Many heavy sleepers choose memory foam because it provides solid yet fluffy support, but it might be warmer than other materials. If memory foam toppers are infused with gel or covered with phase-change material, which absorbs and releases heat, they are less prone to cause overheating.


In the support cores of airbeds, there are adjustable base air chambers. To vary the firmness of the mattress, owners can add or remove air from the chambers. Foam, memory foam, and/or latex comfort layers may be found in airbeds. 

If your comfort preference changes from night tonight, you should consider an airbed, but be aware that these mattresses are often rather expensive.


Latex foam is a natural product created from the sap of the rubber tree that, unlike memory foam, can provide mild cushioning without sinking too deeply. For heavy sleepers who require pressure relief without losing support, this can be advantageous.

Latex mattresses are typically medium to medium-firm in feel, making them ideal for heavy people who sleep on their backs or in a variety of positions. Latex layers also respond quickly to pressure, giving it a far more bouncy alternative to memory foam or other types of poly foams. 

The Best Mattresses for Heavy Sleepers

Product NameLabelCTA
1. WinkBed Plus Best OverallBuy Me
2. Nectar Mattress Best ValueBuy Me
3. Helix Plus Most ComfortableBuy Me
4. Saatva HD Best LuxuryBuy Me
5. Titan Firm Hybrid Best Cooling MattressBuy Me
6. Helix PlusGentle Pressure ReliefBuy Me
7. The Nectar MattressBest Cooling FeaturesBuy Me
8. Layla Hybrid MattressUnique ComfortBuy Me

Customers of all body shapes and body sizes can sleep comfortably and restfully if they keep a few things in mind while shopping.

1. WinkBed Plus (Best Overall)


Mattresses with a combination of body-conforming and robust structural support are preferred by heavier side sleepers regardless of their body weight, in addition to pain relief. The mattress is backed by a 120-night sleep trial. 

The WinkBed Plus is designed with a layer of gel polyfoam and latex comfort layers, a compressed-cotton lumbar cushion that tackles lower back discomfort, and a pocketed coil support core enclosed in high-density foam as a ‘Firm’ alternative for the basic WinkBed.

For heavier people, these organic materials give a balanced sleep experience; the latex conforms to a moderate but consistent extent, while the support core strengthens the entire bed to avoid drooping and sinkage at the edges. The WinkBed Plus also sleeps cool, thanks to excellent air circulation through the coil layer of memory foam.

Recommended for:

  • Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination). While the WinkBed Plus is best for side sleepers, the hybrid design and ‘Firm’ rating make it perfect for any heavier folks, regardless of sleep position.
  • Sleepers In the heavy and very heavyweight groups. The WinkBed Plus is one of the firmest mattress options available today, with an ‘8’ rating. 

Not Recommended for:

  • Might not be the best option for couples. The WinkBed Plus is made to support larger people, therefore it may be too hard for those with lighter bodies.
  • Those who need to return their mattress as soon as possible. A 30-night break-in period is required as part of the 120-night sleep experiment.

2. Nectar Mattress (Best Value)

The beds are too thin, too soft, and prone to drooping, according to heavier people who use memory foam mattresses. The Nectar, on the other hand, is an outlier. This mattress has a thicker-than-average 11-inch height and is made up of four distinct foam layers for maximum support and its sturdy edge support allows for minimal motion transfer as well. 

The gel memory foam and conventional memory foam layers of the comfort system adjust to the sleeper’s body to assist straighten the spine and relieving pressure throughout the body. 

The Nectar also contains a cotton and lyocell cover, which keeps the mattress cooler than other foam mattresses. It also absorbs and minimizes motion transfer to a large extent and is nearly silent when bearing weight, making it an ideal choice for couples. 

Recommended for:

  • Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination). The all-foam design of the Nectar provides reactive conforming that adjusts to the sleeper’s posture. 
  • Couples. The Nectar absorbs motion exceptionally effectively, resulting in a peaceful sleeping position for couples.

Not Recommended for:

  • Hot sleepers. The Nectar, like a memory foam bed with a firmness rating of ‘Medium Firm,’ will adhere fairly tightly to the sleeper’s body, potentially resulting in a hotter sleep experience.
  • Very overweight people. The firmness of the ‘Medium Firm’ feel may not be sufficient to support these sleepers without drooping.

3. Helix Plus (Most Comfortable)

Back sleepers prefer mattresses with solid support systems that maintain an even, somewhat sag-free surface to avoid the body sinking excessively in certain areas, which can be uncomfortable. The Helix PLUS mattress was created with heavier sleepers in mind, providing them with the support and other qualities they require in a bed. 

The mattress is made up of comfort and transitional layers of dense memory foam, as well as Helix Dynamic Foam, a patented latex-foam alternative. These layers help to shape the body and relieve pressure. Because of the ventilation through the coil layer and the Tencel cover, the mattress is ideal for hot sleepers.

The mattress’s supplies, as well as the mattress itself, are all made in the United States. Helix offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty on this mattress.

Most notable features:

  • Back sleepers. While the Helix Plus is ideal for side and stomach sleepers, back sleepers will like the firm feel and modest shape of this mattress.
  • Couples. For individuals who share a bed, the bed’s individually pocketed coils and memory foam comfort and transitional layers efficiently prevent motion transfer.

Not Recommended for…

  • Sleepers who prefer a softer sleep surface. The Helix Plus has a hard feel to it, which some people – particularly side sleepers – may appreciate.
  • Those who dislike the feel of memory foam. Memory foam has a peculiar “hugging” sensation that not everyone likes.

4. Saatva HD (Best Luxury)

The Saatva HD has a ‘Firm’ feel that won’t droop beneath the sleeper’s heaviest places and provides durable support. Based on the shape of the sleeper’s body, the Talalay latex comfort layer is separated into five zones. As a result, the sleeper’s head and neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, and legs all have uniform contouring. It also comes with a 20-year warranty.

The support core of the Saatva HD is made up of 12.5-gauge Bonnell coils encased in high-density foam. This layer keeps the sleep surface uniform and strengthens the edges to keep them from sinking too far. The coils also create a lot of airflows, which keeps the surface cool and comfortable night for most people. A breathable organic cotton cover also contributes to the bed’s temperature neutrality. 

Recommended for…

  • Side and back sleepers. The zoned comfort layer gives more give to heavier portions of the body type while providing firmer support to lighter places, resulting in a luxury mattress surface that aligns the spine.
  • Sleepers In the heavy and very heavyweight groups. The thick 15.5″ profile and robust construction of the Saatva HD are designed to support sleepers weighing more than 300 pounds.

Not Recommended for…

  • Stomach sleepers. For some sleepers, the Saatva HD may not be as comfortable.
  • Sleepers on a budget. While the Saatva HD’s hefty price tag is justified by its high-quality construction.

5. Titan Firm Hybrid (Best cooling mattress)

The Titan Firm Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding is the first stop on our tour, and it’s our pick for the best cooling mattress for heavy side sleepers. The Titan quality mattress, which is made in Arizona, provides exactly the right amount of support and pliancy for pressure alleviation for heavy and tall sleepers.

The Titan Firm Hybrid starts with a full inch of cooling gel memory foam over its top surface, which is arranged by layer. Two thick inches of the company’s own TitanFlex foam, which is infused with another patented cooling gel infusion called TitaniumGel, are woven into place beneath that. 


  • The great price point for budget shoppers 
  • A high level of firmness delivers support for heavier sleepers
  • Advanced cooling add-on available


  • The mattress might be too firm for lighter individuals
  • No White Glove delivery option
  • Couples

6. Helix Plus

The Helix Plus is designed specifically for people who weigh between 250 and 300 pounds. It’s incredibly comfortable for a wide range of sleepers, providing a superb blend of support and pressure reduction while also straightening your spine and alleviating achy joints.

Plus, which was previously known as Nightfall, is Helix’s answer to the needs of larger sleepers, with higher density foams and thicker coils. 


  • Plenty of variety. 
  • Balanced quality and price. 
  • Free comfort layer. 


  • Limited construction
  • Limited range of firmness options

7. The Nectar Mattress

A lifetime mattress warranty and a 365-night sleep trial are included with this 11-inch memory foam mattress.

A quilted, cooling mattress cover and an adaptable memory foam layer are among the five layers of the mattress. According to the creators, this may assist relieve pressure and prevent motion transfer, making it a good option for co-sleeping.

The coils are encased in dense foam for extra protection against sinkage along the perimeter. People who sleep near the bed’s borders should feel pretty secure, and couples who use their mattress surface for sleep or sex should feel similarly secure.


  • comfortable
  • decent edge support
  • silent


  • limited bounce
  • some inability to stay in place due to fairly low weight.

8. Layla Hybrid Mattress

If you suffer from hip pain, you’ll want to select a mattress that can elevate your hips up and out of the structure while also relieving strain on your lower back. A hybrid vehicle, especially one designed like the Layla, could be an excellent choice for you. The comfort layer molds to your body, yet the material is dense enough to prevent deep sinkage and keep your body in a straight line.

The bed features mild memory foam to relieve aches and pains in the shoulders, hips, and lower back, as well as a tall interior section of pocketed coils that provides enough lift for proper alignment of the spinal.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Double-Sided
  • Sleeps cool
  • Strong motion isolation


  • Some off-gassing
  • Both sides might not really hit the spot in terms of firmness


Are You a Hot Sleeper

Some overweight persons have a problem with sleeping hot because they have a bigger body mass than others and thus produce excess heat. A firmer mattress is one approach to managing body heat retention while sleeping. The sleeper type is less prone to sink deeply into the type of mattress with less contour, allowing them to sleep cooler throughout the night.

The mattress’s material construction is the other option. Polyfoam and memory foam mattresses with higher ratios will frequently sleep too hot for those who weigh 230 pounds or more, according to the general rule of thumb. 

How Much Do You Weigh?

The majority of mattress manufacturers provide a ‘weight limit.’ Mattress owners who exceed the weight limit risk damaging the mattress. The weight limit varies by manufacturer and model, so ask about it for each mattress you’re considering. The vast majority of Queen- and King-size mattresses on the market today can handle a heavier weight of at least 600 pounds.

How can a mattress benefit health?

According to a 2018 analysis, there may be a link between obesity and sleep deprivation. According to a 2015 study Obesity and chronic pain are linked, according to Trusted Source. Back pain and poor sleep can be caused by a preferred sleeping position on a mattress that does not give adequate support.

Sleeping on one’s side on a hard surface, such as a firm mattress, may help avoid back pain, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeTrusted Source.

Is it possible for a heavy person to sleep in a box?

Your weight, mattress preference, and ideal mattress for your joints and spinal alignment all play a role. You may be able to buy some brands of innerspring mattresses in a box if you choose an innerspring mattress, while many innerspring mattresses with sturdier and coils that are more durable are not available in bed-in-a-box style.

Is the mattress capable of supporting your weight without drooping or sinking?

Many overweight persons or obese persons bear additional weight in their hips and stomachs, making a mattress’s core and surface support critical for a restful night’s sleep. Steel coils in the internal structure are more likely to withstand additional pressure from body weight.

Is a foundation or box spring required for my mattress?

Personal preference, as well as the sort of supportive mattress and bed frame you intend to purchase, will determine whether you purchase a foundation or a box spring. A sturdy foundation or box spring can help your mattress last longer and be more comfortable.

A supportive mattress foundation protects your mattress by absorbing some of the pressure from body weight and movement as you get in and out of bed. 

What mattress firmness is best for heavyweight sleepers?

For most persons who weigh more than 230 pounds, a medium-firm or hard mattress is the ideal option. While this may appear to be an inconvenience, mattress firmness is highly subjective due to how mattress materials compress. 

If you prefer the sense of sliding into an extra-soft mattress, a firmer mattress with excellent pressure relief will cradle you while still providing the support you require. Some people, on the other hand, prefer or require a mattress with no contouring at all. 

What are the greatest mattresses for heavyweights that sleep hot?

For persons who sleep hot and weigh more than 230 pounds, innerspring and latex hybrid mattresses are the best alternatives. Beds with great ventilation through the support core provide better temperature management than those with solid foam cores since persons in this weight range sink deeper into their mattresses.

Why does Big Fig win as the best bed for heavy back and stomach sleepers? 

Big Fig’s tagline is “the mattress for a bigger figure,” and as a result, they mostly target big guys and gals. They produce some of the greatest mattresses for people who are overweight. They handle the majority of the problems that large individuals have, such as mattress sagging, body impressions, overheating, and poor edge support. 


When you know what to look for, finding the Best Mattresses for Heavy People may be a lot easier, especially after you realize how much of your life can be improved by just getting a good night’s sleep.

People with bigger bodies may benefit from medium-firm or firm mattresses with higher weight capabilities. Features like thermal cooling or heat-wicking zonal pressure-relieving support, as well as adaptability, may help you sleep better.

If a person’s sleep issues persist, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.