11 Best Anti-Snoring Pillows – Reviews And Buyers Guide

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows

Snoring is a common challenge affecting so many persons around the world. But it is important to note that the people affected are not to blame. This is a purely natural phenomenon that requires us to understand, be aware and cooperate with those affected to reduce the effects especially to the affected and those around them.  

Snoring can cause a number of inconveniencing challenges including irritation and interference with sleeping. Those affected might suffer sleepiness during the day, meaning it can interfere with your work.  

Best Anti-Snoring Pillows

Even as we discuss these pillows as some of the anti-snoring options out here, it’s important to consult your doctor to ensure that your snoring challenge is not a result of a much more complicated medical condition. One such condition is obstructive sleep apnea, a serious condition that can cause stroke and other heart diseases. 

Some pillows come equipped with anti-snore devices which detect when you are starting to snore and activate the pillow movement to reduce or stop the snoring. Besides pillows, you can also consider a custom-made anti-snoring device or custom-made prescription anti-snoring devices. A bespoke device that works as a custom-made, anti-snoring device can go a long way to reduce snoring and set you free to enjoy sleep. 

Before we get to the list, here is a quick summary table for our top picks for best anti-snore pillows across different categories. Please note that these picks are only based on our analysis and do acknowledge that some might not be suited to your condition. Be sure to take your unique personal circumstances into account before settling on one.  

PillowBest InPros and ConsWhere to Buy
Layla Kapok PillowCooling✓Great cooling effect Off-gassingBuy from Amazon
Xtreme Comforts Memory✓Very durable Best suited for back sleepersBuy from Amazon
Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge PillowWedge category✓CertiPUR-US certified  Might feel a little too firmBuy from Amazon
Avocado Green PillowOrganic category✓100-night sleep trial Can feel heavy for some usersBuy from Avocado
Yana PillowBody support✓Machine washable cover Most convenient for back sleepers or side sleepersBuy from Amazon

1. Layla Kapok Pillow 

The Layla Kapok Pillow is quite lofty, about 5 inches more to ensure you get that easy sleep to keep snoring at bay.  It is one of the best anti-snoring pillows you can find in the current market, no surprise that it is appearing first in this list. 

This is a great anti-snore pillow that elevates the neck and head to ensure an easy flow of air and help you breathe comfortably as you enjoy some deep sleep. The great thing about Layla Kapok Pillow is that it constantly maintains its shape over a long period of time.   


The adjustable loft makes it possible to achieve loft customization

Great cooling effect powered by the antimicrobial copper-infused cover 


Only offered in queen and king sizes

New pillows can have some off-gassing

2. EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

First, this pillow is made specifically for the purpose of accomodating the CPAP machine mouthpiece. The CPAP machine is a wearable device that is used in the treatment of sleep apnea.  

But as much as the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow is designed specifically for sleep apnea cases, we chose to include it here because we found it to be a great anti-snoring accompaniment. It features a cut out on its side, which creates fantastic space that allows your mouth and nose to open freely, thus avoiding challenges such as nasal congestion. This is a fabulous innovation that allows easy breathing and it is simply way more ergonomic. 


  • Great pricing
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Great support for upper body 


  • Comes in one size only 

3. Smart Nora

The Smart Nora Pillow is highly recommended by experts as one of the best anti-snoring pillows. It is particularly great for sleepers who are not keen on pillow swapping. 

The pillow height adjusts automatically during sleep. The height adjustment is triggered based on whether you are snoring or not. The fact that it is non-invasive makes it really cool. This pillow comes with a smart pad which you need to place under the pillow. When you start to snore, sensors detect the snoring sounds. This triggers the pad, which inflates to raise your head. As a result, your position is changed and this stops the snoring.  


  • Features sensors that detect and stop snoring 


  • Might not work well if you move a lot in bed during sleep 

4. Xtreme Comforts 7” Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

This is a wedge pillow that performs a great job of keeping the head and neck elevated, including support of throat muscles. Experts observe that snoring happens most when you sleep on the back, and therefore a wedge pillow is your best anti-snoring pillow, a ‘friend’ you can count on to keep snoring out of your sleep.  

The shape of a wedge pillow plays the crucial role of preventing the falling of the lower jaw plus the tongue into the air path when you are sleeping on the back. In addition to protecting the upper airway, a wedge pillow will as well support your back and shoulder to ensure the neck does not pith forward unnaturally.  


  • Very durable pillow for sleeping
  • Offers a 2 year warranty
  • Nice gradual slope, 28 inches long


  • Seems to be only best suited for back sleepers. Otherwise might not be comfortable for other types of sleepers 

5. Tempur-Neck Pillow

The Tempur-Neck Pillow is indeed among the very best anti-snoring pillows. This is a memory foam pillow that is made with snoring in mind, a perfect fit for those keen to splurge and have some comfortable sleep that is free of snoring.  

The design is not only beautiful but also contoured, enabling you to get enough support for the shoulders, neck, and head. When we analyzed and compared hundreds of reviews from verified users across different platforms, we realized that most customers have many positives to say about the Tempur-Neck Pillow. Most importantly, many claimed that they noticed a considerable reduction in snoring from their partners. 


  • Available in different sizes i.e small, medium, large
  • There is even a travel size
  • 5-year warranty


  • The manufacture does not allow returns of already purchased pillows 

6. Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow 

The Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow is a foam wedge pillow, one of the very best in the wedge pillow category. It is perfectly designed to offer optimal support to your neck, shoulders, and head. This pillow will go a long way in helping to reduce snoring to a great extent.  

Indeed numerous customer reviews have recommended this pillow, giving it many positive reviews. Many claim it stopped their snoring and in fact, some have observed that it helped them also deal with challenges related to snoring such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) among others.  

The foams used in the making of the Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow are  CertiPUR-US certified, which adds that important confidence for anyone who wants to try it out.  


  • CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it does not contain harmful chemicals
  • The manufacturer allows returns of purchased pillows after 30 days of purchase if you are not contented 


  • Might feel a little too firm
  • The purchase price seems to be on the higher side 

7. Purple Pillow

The Purple Pillow is a ‘relative’ of the Purple mattresses, meaning of course it is made by the same company that manufactures the Purple mattresses. Most if not all the materials are the same, especially the gridded foam that is customized for easy flow of air.  

The Purple Pillow is 3-inch in height which is mostly standard. You have the option to add more layers if this is what you desire and more specifically if you would like to have a much more elevated position than the 3-inch standard. The booster layers come with the pillow. The material used to make the mesh is machine-washable and breathable. You can clean the other materials by handwashing them. The materials used to make this anti-snoring pillow are Clean Air GOLD  and CertiPUR-US certified. 


  • Clean Air GOLD  and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Provides a cool, comfortable feel when seeping
  • Hand-washable in warm water using dishwashing liquid
  • Can be air-dried.


  • The weight of 10 lb can feel heavy for some users
  • Some users might find the size of 24” x 16” to be a bit small for them 

8. Avocado Green Pillow

What a pillow! Ever heard of a vegan-friendly pillow? This is it, dear friend! The great Avocado Green Pillow is not only designed with anti-snoring functions in mind. It is also certified for various standards including the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) for latex and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for kapok fiber.  

It comes with a reasonably big bag that allows you to fill it up if you wish to have a much more firm feel, a higher elevation, or simply if you desire a taller pillow. Many customers have observed that yes the Avocado Green Pillow enabled them to stop or reduce snoring as soon as they started using it. The other great advantage we discovered during our analysis is that the Avocado Green Pillow is perfectly suitable for different sleep positions. This means that it can be comfortably used by a wide range of combination sleepers including stomach sleepers and back sleepers.     


  • This pillow is shipped based on the principles of carbon-negative shipping, meaning they mind the environment. 
  • Offers a 100-night sleep trial, meaning you can return it during this time and get your money back. 


  • Cost is on the higher side and therefore might not be the best pick for those mindful about budget.  

9. Yana Pillow

The Yana Pillow is a fantastic shredded memory foam pillow that is equally very well suited to be one of the best Anti Snore Pillows available in the market today. It cradles the body so comfortably thanks to the extra long U-shape. The easily removable fill means that you can easily adjust the loft and elevate it to get a comfortable sleep without snoring. 

The cover is made from organic cotton, meaning you can be sure that the pillow is free of any harmful chemicals that are likely to be found in conventional pillows. The materials used in this pillow are generally natural and breathable with a very comfortable feel. A moldable, shredded latex makes up the fill, making it feel so durable which indeed it is as well as attractive to touch.  

The loft is adjustable, making it suitable for many sleeper types, especially the back and side sleepers who are most likely to enjoy the most advantages. The design is of contoured style, ensuring that the pillow provides sufficient support and body alignment between the spine,  neck, and head in addition to cradling the body. A contoured design is always great. 


  • Reduces pressure on the airways, especially for back sleepers
  • Machine washable cover
  • Returns allowed, only for unopened pillows 


  • Seems to be most convenient for back sleepers or side sleepers 

10. Saatva Latex Pillow

The Saatva Latex Pillow features a design concept that gives you the freedom to adjust the loft by adding or removing components as you might feel necessary. This pillow is among the best options for sleepers with allergy symptoms,  allergy sufferers, those on allergy medications, and even those with allergy potential meaning they are likely to develop allergies over time.  

Shredded Talalay latex is used to make the core. Some of the qualities of this high quality latex include breathability, retention, and responsiveness. These qualities combine to maintain the spine in a comfortable position during sleep and keep it perfectly aligned. The amounts of body heat are reduced significantly as a result.  Both the microdenier fiber layer and cover are removable and machine-washable. As a user, you can actually configure your Saatva Latex Pillow however you like, whether this includes combining all three pieces or using the Talalay core and micro-denier fiber layers separately. 

In terms of the feel, the Saatva Latex Pillow is medium soft. This level of softness is most suitable for persons with a body weight that is below 130 pounds.  Sleepers with a body type that weighs above  230 pounds can easily have their head slump downwards and pump up pressure around the airway.  


  • You can return it within 45 days and get a full refund
  • Great for allergy suffers 


  • Only available in queen and king sizes

11. Helix Wedge Pillow

As we have continued to discover, wedge pillows are a great option for snorers because they offer optimal support and offer the best environment for perfect air flow. One of the most exciting features of this pillow is the ability to conform to the shape of the body thus providing great pressure relief around the airway.

The wedge design is triangular, the entire pillow measures 24  by 24  by 10 (inches) and feels medium-firm. It features a gel memory foam layer plus a polyfoam layer. When you sleep on the Helix Wedge Pillow, it molds to your body with negligible sinkage.  


  • Perfect air circulation to the pillow thanks to the polyester and rayon cover that creates a way for heat to escape
  • The cover is removable and machine-washable 
  • Great for shape retention
  • Very durable, a fantastic choice for snorers including adult snorers


  • Can feel quite tall, at 10 inches compared to normal pillows which are usually around 7”-8”
  • Not comfortable for stomach sleepers

Other additional pillow design options to consider include Orthopedic contour pillow, feather pillows, adjustable memory foam pillow, sleep apnea pillows, anti-snore pregnancy pillow, backpack pillow, cervical pillows, pillows for hot sleepers, breathable models, and ergonomic models among others.  Popular warranty periods include 30-day trial, 60-night trial period,  1-year warranty, 1-year limited warranty, etc. 


Once again, snoring is a common phenomenon that occurs when the airway experiences vibrations. There are many causes that lead to vibrations including the gravity effect on the soft tissues or inflammation. 

While there is no proven cure for snoring, it is our hope that these pillows for snoring will help reduce or stop your snoring and allow you to sleep comfortably without having to worry about the sounds of snoring. Start by identifying the most convenient anti-snoring pillow for you, purchase, and try it out.  

We hope you have enjoyed discovering the various anti-snoring pillows you can try out right away. Got questions to ask or some helpful experience to share? Please feel welcome and kindly share this article with your friends.