The 15 Best Beginner Bikes to Get You Started

Best Beginner Bikes

Are you new to the exciting biking world and out to look for the best beginner bikes to get started? We have spent a good amount of time coming up with what we have found out to be the top best beginner bikes to get you moving and enjoy the experience. 

Whether you are looking for a morning ride, fun ride, evening ride, or whichever occasion suits you best, you will find a great selection to pick from.  

Most Important Beginner Features

Here are some of the must-have features that you will always need to look out for when considering your choices for a beginner motorcycle:  


The engine configurations and capacity should be below 600cc. You really don’t need an engine that is so powerful because one it can be expensive and two, it can be too difficult to get familiar with due to a sensitive throttle.  

Handlebar Height

Just like the seat height, the handlebars need to be relatively low as well for proper grip. Essentially,  your elbows should always be bent slightly while the hands need to be above the neck to get the perfect upright seating position.  

Anti-Lock Braking System

The most useful function of an ABS is to protect the wheels from locking when brakes are active. This gives you more stability and keeps you safe from sliding.  


Beginners need a super good windscreen to help you get used to the wind on your face while riding on the roads. A good windshield should keep you stable enough as you try to find your balance. In the absence of a windscreen, you can suffer fatigue as you will always be forced to lean forward. 

Seat Height

Beginners ought to start with low seats. This makes it more comfortable for you, allowing you to retain good posture while getting used to the bike.  


Of course, you can as well do without many of the fancy tech features that many modern bikes come with. But it doesn’t hurt to have fun stuff such as GPS, audio systems, and other digital systems that will give you a rich experience during rides.


Of course, pricing is equally crucial and the good news is that there are enough options with the right entry-level price point across different models. You need not go for expensive bikes if you are on a budget. There is always something for everyone.  

Other important factors include curb weight, weight ratio, rear suspension capacity, consideration for shorter riders, engine noise, engine vibration, etc. 

A quick sampling of the best beginner bikes

Bike NameBest ForPros/Cons
Honda MonkeyBest for urban riding✓Great fuel efficiency plus reserve capacity Not great for large riders
Suzuki GSX250RBest small bike✓Affordable price, great look Low power output
Aventon LevelBest for city riding✓Excellent finish May not come with lights
Kawasaki Z125 Pro SEBest in fuel economy✓Great fuel capacity ✕No ABS
Honda GromBest in lightweight✓Lightweight ✕potentially slow speeds

Best Beginner Bikes Reviews

Here is a selection of the 15 best beginner bikes to get you started. Please note that these bikes are not arranged in any specific order. The hierarchy is random as the emphasis is given to the distinct features of each bike.  

While most of the bikes in this selection are motorcycles, we have included three bicycles just in case this is your favorite.  

1. Honda Monkey

  • 125 cc displacement
  • Air-cooled engine
  • 5-speed transmission

The Honda Monkey was a big hit in the early 1960s especially across the Asian region where it developed what many viewed as a cult following. Over time, the US market is riding its own style of motorcycle based on this beast, with red or yellow color options. The new model has a base rim level as well as a trim level that is much upgraded complete with ABS brakes.  

The seat height is low, meaning the riding enthusiasts who love big heights might not find it amusing. If you are looking for a fun-filled ride with some great adventure then this is your ‘friend’.

2. Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE

  • Single-cylinder, 4-stroke SOHC engine
  • 4-speed transmission

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE is a newly added version to the comprehensive lineup known as the New Rider Endorsed by Kawasaki. This is one of the very best motorcycles for beginners in terms of performance not only for weekend fun but equally for daily commuting. 

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE is never too heavy for a bike to ride and obviously, the 125cc engine capacity is not so bad for a beginner considering the power is not too much on the higher side. You might feel some wind due to the lack of a front fairing. Otherwise, the ride should be superb even for experienced riders!

3. Honda Grom

  • This is a sport  mini type
  • 125cc displacement
  • Fuel-injected single-cylinder engine
  • 4-speed transmission

The Honda Grom is one of those cool bikes for beginners which, though mini, comes with satisfying sports features that will certainly fulfill the needs of a beginner rider looking forward to a great riding experience. The Honda Grom might not have enough power to get so adventurous but is sufficient enough to give you good rides around the city including commuting. The high seats are comfortable for new riders, allowing you to have a spacious view of the roads as you enjoy the riding experience.  

Check your riding style and try not to go so fast since the Grom is not so good at handling high paces. Otherwise, the price is fairly great and you will no doubt get value for your money.  

4. Yamaha V Star 250 Raven

  • This is a cruiser type bike
  • 250cc engine displacement
  • Carbureted V-twin (two-cylinder) engine
  • 5-speed transmission

Yamaha has a rich history of authentic innovation and the Yamaha V Star 250 Raven doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. If you are looking for a starter motorcycle to take you for those long moderately powerful rides, then the Yamaha V Star 250 Raven is here to get you going! 

Build lasting skills and endurance thanks to the plush suspension that is built for comfort across both long and short rides. Advanced riders can also find comfort in the Yamaha V Star 250 Raven. 

5. Suzuki GSX250R

  • Sports type bike
  • 248cc displacement
  • Fuel-injected two-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed auto transmission

The Suzuki GSXR series has been a pioneer ‘big boy’ in the sports bike field for some years now, going back all the way to the early 80s. The evolution over the years has been nothing short of innovative and makes it great for the first-time motorcycle rider. The 31 inches low seat height, classy windscreen, and full fairing are some of the features that are perfectly befitting for a beginner bike rider. 

The LCD screen gives optimal views during the day while the dual LED headlights give the perfect views at night, so you are always covered both day and night in terms of vision power. Other motorists on the roads will equally be able to have a clear view of you while in action riding. These features combine to provide a comprehensive and very comfortable smooth ride filled with the freedom of knowing that incidences will be rare. While it does not feature an anti-lock braking option, its dual caliper technology makes for excellent braking and works perfectly well for beginner riders.  

6. Suzuki DR-Z400SM

  • Super moto type of motorcycle
  • 398cc displacement
  • Carbureted single-cylinder engine 
  • 5-speed transmission 

This is a very unique motorbike, a super one for that matter and in fact, apparently, the SM in the label name stands for Super Motor. This is one of the most fantastic entry-level road bikes, famed for combining 20% riding DNA with 80% motocross!

As you might already know, Super Motos are high-performance bikes capable of managing any form of riding thanks to a superb suspension system that can take in the jumps and bumps of the roads even at very high speeds. In addition to the usual protection and lighting systems of the normal types of motorcycles, it offers a great extra suspension that can accommodate rides to anywhere plus incredible freedom to be as adventurous as you might want to dream of. 

7. Harley-Davidson Superlow 

  • This is a Cruiser type
  • 373cc displacement
  • Fuel-injected single-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed transmission 

The Harley-Davidson Superlow is the true definition of a really simple but powerful cruiser with powerful engines. The low seat height at 25.5 inches is comfortable for any rider including for beginners. The ergonomics come easy, ensuring you can ride long distances through the day without experiencing cramps.  

Feel free to adjust the seat if there is a need to accommodate a larger rider who will obviously need a larger bike. This bike is light enough, making it extremely easy to get around it in terms of operation. While the power is not so high up there, it is enough to take reasonably long rides without a struggle!

8. Kawasaki 300

  • Sport type
  • 296cc displacement
  • Fuel-injected two-cylinder engine
  • 6-speed transmission 

This is one of the simplest sports bikes, absolutely great for beginner riders. Whether you are looking forward to those fun-filled weekend rides, daily commuting, or corner-carving adventures, this bike will never let you down. Just like many Japanese motorcycles in the market, its power is capable of handling city traffic despite being lightweight. 

The taller seat height is the norm with most sport and fun motorcycles. But luckily you get a high footpeg to take care of the squeezed corners. The Kawasaki 300 features an antilock braking system and you know what this does is that it gets you the much-needed additional capacity when stopping.  

9. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

  • This is a sport  mini type
  • 399cc displacement
  • Air-cooled L-twin engine
  • 6-speed transmission 

For some time, Dukakis never used to be the best option for new riders because of the high expenses that you could encounter, especially in repairs. But of course, one thing you must know about Ducati bikes is that they are super gorgeous, exotic, and powerful.  And now, maybe after listening to the wishes of their thousands of fans, Ducati released the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 which is one of its new releases that is nicely accommodating to beginner riders. 

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 comes with multiple options for seats, featuring different exciting styles to choose from. The different flexible body panels make it possible for riders to turn the blank canvas into something befitting their style choice.

10. Kawasaki Ninja 400

  • 399 cc displacement
  • Liquid-cooled engine
  • 6-speed transmission

If there is something like a manufacturer dedicated to making some of the most amazing bikes in the world, then Kawasaki will feature among the very top. Kawasaki bikes are known for super speeds and stability on the roads, making their brands one of the very best motorcycles for beginners. 

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is currently the smallest motorbike that Kawasaki has out here in the entry-level bikes market. The design and feel are so great that you never realize the small size of the bike. The handling mechanism is super, largely because the design is a close match of the powerful sportbike Ninja H2. As a rider, you will enjoy optimal comfort thanks to the high upright riding positions. It features an anti-lock brake system, a light clutch that comes with a function for assistance, as well as a dash that is multifunctional. With all these features, a new rider will go to the road confident and come back thoroughly satisfied.  

11. Hyosung GT250

  • 249cc displacement
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Air-cooled engine

This is definitely a great bike for beginners, the Hyosung GT250. The large displacement at 249cc is due to the large frame material. The dual front disc brake system makes it an excellent deal for the beginner who is looking forward to getting some good riding that will get them to gradually become pro riders. It perfectly suits larger new riders who are keen on sport biking. It is lightweight, making it even more comfortable for beginners. 

12. Triumph Bonneville 

  • 865cc displacement
  • 4-stroke, air-cooled, DOHC parallel-twin engine
  • 5-speed transmission 

The Triumph Bonneville is quite a classic vintage level bike, so good that once you own it you might never entertain thoughts of wishing you ever owned a 70’s classic.  It combines the modern and the golden old, bringing comfort and style to modern biking without compromising quality. 

All the usual basic features befitting a beginner rider like safety, reasonable speed, and adventure are intact. Not the most appealing for long city rides though, but trust the mighty Bonneville to grant you amazing trips.   

13. Strider Sport

This is the most liked model among all the Strider bikes. It is specially designed for young riders of 5 years and below up to 18 months old.  

Everything important in the Strider Sport is properly scaled to suit the young ones. The wheels are 12 inches, all materials being EVA polymer. So you can be certain they will not go flat really unless of course, you happen to encounter a very serious incident on the roads.  

The other great advantage of this bike is that its seat position is extra-long, meaning your kid will always experience maximum comfort as soon as they hit the highway.  

14. Co-op Rev 20 

This is an amazing bike especially for riders around the age of 8 years. Enjoy super cool disc brakes, powerful Shimano shifting, and tires that are so wide. This is the kind of bike that every beginner of the right age will look forward to getting hold of and getting onto the road riding as soon as possible.   

The tires hit the surface at quite low pressure, allowing for an easy rollover of rocks of reasonably small sizes, ruts, and even rocks. Its weight is about 24 pounds, which is much heavier than some equally good bikes. But worry not because the additional cushion and traction offered by the wheels count for a moderate compromise. The fact that the tires are plus-size means we have a suspension fork advantage which is perfect for suspension travel.  If you are looking for a bike from a household brand name with no worries at all, then this is it. The retailer will readily deliver but you also have the option of picking them up from the store or bike shop by yourself. 

Co-op Rev 20 comes with a full pack of tools just in case you might need to open it up from time to time for mechanical checks or indeed if you want to assemble it all by yourself. But hey, you got to be good at bike stuff. Otherwise, go for the fully assembled option and take it to the store whenever there is a mechanical challenge. 

15. Aventon Level

The Aventon Level is a great bike model that comes with very easy controls, optimally comfortable for a new rider. Getting on and off is as easy as ABC thanks to the dip in the top of the lighter frame. What about the price? Wow, their prices are quite reasonable and so difficult to beat in the honest sense of it. 

This is a fantastic bike for commuting around the city or even a fun rural riding experience, capable of speeding up to 28mph through the pedal. The throttle can hit a maximum speed of 20Mph! 


As a beginner in riding, you need to think carefully about what you want to derive out of your biking sessions before you can settle on the type of bike that will serve the purpose.  Do you want to ride for the thrill that comes with great speed and stability, do you want commuter bikes, or is it just a pure adventure for you?

Whichever your goal is in the riding journey that you are about to start, you will always find the perfect option. It is our hope that the list of 15 best beginner bikes will be sufficient to help you make an informed decision and go on to become a great rider. Pick wisely and remember to ride safely because while riding is fun, you also want to make sure your safety is guaranteed. Remember to get motorcycle insurance, be wary of motorcycle theft and protect it.

Have you already found your favorite bike? Which factors made you like it and how is your experience? Feel free to share and please ask questions if you have any. Enjoy your new rides!